Are you usually high while on Grasscity!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 420 High Times, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Well title says it all. :gc_rocks:
  2. Ummm... Serious question?
  3. Can you put a "this poll is stupid" option up there, please? :D
  4. GC gives me a reason to toke haha

    90% of the time I am.
  5. i voted no :(

    put a new option on the poll saying "i wish"
  6. probably more than half of the time
  7. Obviously.
  8. Actually, no. I definitely am sometimes, but I'd say more than half the time I'm not. I usually don't feel like getting on the computer when I'm high, too much work hahaha.
  9. No. Because I don't smoke weed anymore.
  10. Im about fiddy fiddy
  11. Actually, usually I'm not. I don't smoke often during the day, just because the after-high makes me too tired to want to function.
    But at night, when I'm high, I'm usually out doing something, and not on GC.
  12. Actually Im rarely high
  13. 40/60 for me
  14. I'm so high that I'm low.
  15. I have never been under the influence of any substance while on GC.
  16. At least 90% of the time.
  17. ^ lol (Agalloch).

    Actually, most of the time, even if I have weed I'm not high when I post on here....I'll be on GC for awhile then I'll do something else.

    I'd say its like 40/60 (high/not high) when on here.
  18. I get high on life, Straight Edge 4 LIFE.

    Anyone wanna goto a christian rock concert?

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