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  1. Why haven't I seen this [ame=]‪Sebastian Bach Of Skid Row Loves To Smoke Pot On Ricki Lake‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. He bought dope from the trailer park boys how could you not know he loves to smoke pot? :p
  3. Haha I know I meant the show in general. Its like Jerry Springer for pot heads. The mexican dude was just laughin at his wife while she was bitchin' priceless
  4. I would poke Ricki in her fat ass.
  5. i lol'd at the walmart job thing....lmao good shit.
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    Wow this is amazing I'm a huge fan of skid row n sebastian he has the greatest voice for a rock band like skid row and I love how he's coming out supporting weed unlike that prick michael phelps my next tokes dedicated to you sebastian and thank you and thank you op for making this video known to me

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