Are you scared of Google?

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    I keep hearing about how Google is gunna take over the world and whatnot with all the information it's storing about people... but what do you all think? Is anyone concerned with what Google is capable of or will be in the near future?
    This is mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but if anyone wants to suggest non-Google products to use I'd be all ears... I currently use Google as my default search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, Calenders, etc. and I kinda go back and forth between Chrome and Firefox because I like both for doing different things but I feel like I should at least be exploring my other options so I don't become totally dependent on Google to function if/when they turn evil.
  2. The only thing I use from google are gmail and doing random searches. Other then that I use firefox for certain webrowser games and internet explorer for webpages, forums, etc.
  3. Never heard of that kinda shit before though, but i AM scared of my family finding my porn/grasscity history i left on google so you can believe i delete that right away.
  4. Google is a search engine, why the fuck would someone be afraid of it? Facebook already hands out your personal info to god knows who, doesn't phase me,
  5. You mean like umbrella Corp from resident evil?

    Haha it's possible but I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  6. Yeah, but even just using that... they track every email you send and receive and every search you've ever made on that stuff
    I'm not trying to sound alarmist or anything, cuz all they use that info for right now is to give you personalized ads (Which I'm totally for, by the way. I'd much rather have these free internet services and get ads to things I'd actually be interested in buying than having to pay to use search engines, email, etc.), but just think about how easily they could screw somebody over if they wanted to for some reason... Also, they're starting to realize that they as a corporation are more powerful than many nations... So yeah, that could get ugly too if they ever wanted to
  7. Pro-Tip: hit Control+Shit+P, and surf your forbidden shit in "Private" Mode. Automatically doesn't save your history in case you forget to delete it (Which you will forget to do eventually, happens to the best of us...). Plus it doesn't save your url bar, which is a lot harder to delete manually... :D

  8. Sounds sick bro, where do i do the Control+Shift+P thing, deleting history can be a bitch.
  9. It is obvious that google is a big wheel in the internet world.. Only time will tell how long until the internet goes virtual.... That would be unreal :smoke:
  10. Which browser do you use? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome...?

    Wait, what do you mean by the Internet going viral???

  11. If you're using Chrome just browse Incognito. Same concept, no history tracking and no URL bar saving. Just close the page and forget about your worries. :D
  12. Yeah, browsing Incognito is the same as Private browsing in Firefox, right? Or is there a different? I'm actually kinda interested, cuz I just dl'd Chrome earlier today after not having used it in years, and I'm wondering what kinda improvements they've made while I've been gone...
  13. How do i get this Private browsing to work? im a bit confused
  14. Do you know which Browser you're using? If not, then check the icon you use to pull up your browser, and I guess just describe it and see if I can recognize it...

  15. When you open a page, type the combination needed. Simple. (I just don't know what it is :p)

    Shouldn't be much different. I don't use Firefox so I can't be 100% sure. However, it just doesnt take in any history and doesnt collect cookies and such. At least that's what I was told :/
  16. Really? Why do you use firefox for the games and IE for the other stuff? Are there certain advantages to using them, or is it more of just what you're used to doing for no particular reason?

    Yeahhhhhh.... That's the thing that always freaks me out, is i don't know whether or not that's actually true haha. I'm pretty sure there's a way you can find out if they're still collecting the cookies and whatnot, but I'm way to lazy to figure that out... well that or too terrified of upsetting my Google Overlords to Google it, whichever excuse you like best haha :smoke:

  17. Im on google chrome, give me steps on how to get this hooked up.
  18. Just open up your webpage like normal, and hit Control+Shift+N to open your "Incognito" Browser, and BAM! It's sneak-a-'bate time!:cool:

  19. Ahhh shit man, i just went black ops up in this. Tested it out, Grasscity isent in the history! lovin dis, thanks man.

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