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Are You Happy When Youre Stone Cold Sober?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Being completely sober, No Cannabis, No Drugs of any kind.
    Are you still happy? Please be honest. Is life as good sober than as being high?

  2. For me, I have anxiety, so pot calms me down. I usually hit within 2 hours of waking up. That's all the stress I can handle.
  3. I can say right at this moment without weed, I am feeling depressed and getting angry easily over small things. So no I don't feel happy as much when I'm sober.
    BTW: I have Bipolar Disorder so I shouldn't really be smoking weed to begin with. It just makes things worse when I'm not high.
  4. I can say right now I've been sober for a few days and it's kind of a mix. It's just life, high or not people are bound to loose their happiness at points, but I am pretty happy at the moment.
  5. I am happy. Sure, some moments when I'm bored I'll think 'Wish I had some weed to smoke right now', but in general I don't get sad over a lack of weed. Imo you should really reconsider life if you need weed in order to be happy (legit medical users aside ofcourse)
  6. looooooool if you need weed to feel happy something's clearly wrong with you
  7. It all depends on what is going on around me.  While I may enjoy escaping sobriety at points, it isn't because I can't find enjoyment in sobriety.  I can have a blast sober if I'm doing something fun or around people whom I truly want to enjoy time with.  Other times I find more enjoyable high or drunk.  Yeah, I've used drugs and booze before as a crutch; to escape pain in either a physical or mental sense, but who hasn't.  That doesn't mean I find no joy without the drugs.  It only means I'm human.  I get high also sometimes when things are going great in attempt to enjoy them that much more or to bond that much more with the people around me.  Though I will say I'm a bit to fond of nicotine, and without it I'm a son of a bitch lol.  
  8. yes completely content and happy. although i prefer to be "high" i find that unless i go extended periods(2wks or more) i am just fine without it. i do tend to get a bit cranky if i go more than a few weeks without it but i do not get depressed or suffer anxiety from not smoking. i have also noticed infrequent insomonia after not smoking for a week.
  9. No man I'm fiending so hard for some weed, need some now, all I can think about, weed man, just need that herb, it's legit, just gimme some weed man
  10. what is this sober you are talking about? 
  11. I don't really get bored when I'm sober, I have a variety of interests to keep me occupied plus I got the Internet and my Imagination. 
  12. i am a completely happy and healthy young man and i use marijuana simply for recreational purposes. I am perfectly fine when not using cannabis however I'd prefer to not be sober haha.
  13. Yes I'm happy with my life sober or not
  14. Yes I'm happy with my life sober or not
  15. Although the equation is Weed = Happiness, you don't need it to be happy. Unfortunately, being high all the time wouldn't be appropriate. I've been in those shoes, and during that phase I never did anything productive. However, I got the habit under control and I use it sorta like a reward system now. I usually tell myself that If I complete 'Task A' I get to puff enlightenment. Usually my high is much better because I feel like that I was productive at least and I deserve it.
  16. Currently sober for weeks for a possible drug test for job.. Not happy but not sad or anything, but I will feel better if I was able to smoke
  17. I am. Smoking is awesome, but that doesn't mean sobriety isn't equally as good. I like to partake in both. :bongin:
  18. Then why do you have that avatar?
  19. So you think the yellow guy represents a stoner in a group full of sober people right? No, actually it's more like the blue guys are the people who don't know what's going on in the world and will believe anything and there I am as the yellow dude who knows what the deal is and finds out what really happened for myself instead of just going off what somebody else said. :smoking:
  20. I mean, isn't that from a commercial from one of the most popular anti depressant drugs?

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