Are You For Or Against Mustards On That McDonalds Hamburger.

Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I live in Long island New York and ive noticed that when I get off the island there's mustard on my McDonalds (NASTY) is this a universal thing? Are us Islanders the only ones who hate the mustard situation?

  2. AGAINST Maccas mustard!
  3. Our McDonalds (Kentucky) all put mustard on their burgers. I like plain anyways, so doesn't effect me.
  4. That reminds me Please post where you live.
  5. Everyone I have been, I am pretty sure they put mustard on them. Aren't you special :D
  6. Here in Colorado they use mustard
  7. Everywhere I've been in Ontario they come mustard free unless requested.
  8. The staple here (Utah) is pickle, onion, ketchup, mustard. If it's a kid's burger they usually omit the onion. I usually tell them all of the above and add mayonnaise and a leaf of lettuce. That is, if I decided to eat coagulated tail meat.
  9. I don't eat Macca's it's shit, but yes, we have mustard here in W.A.

  10. Im glad theres no mustard here becasue if i showed up blazed and forgot to order no mustard on a nice bacon burger i'd be depressed for the rest of my meal. And im sure that would happen quite a bit as im very forgetful with i smoke.
  11. Mustard on everything even french fries.
  12. I always get everything on my hamburgers.
    Makes it like a rainbow of flavours.
  13. I'm against McDonald's hamburgers :D
  14. I hate mustard!
  15. [​IMG]

  16. mustard blows, i fucking hate it and i always forget when i go out of state
  17. fuck that shit.

    catsup, onions, pickles, somekind of meat, and a bun.
  18. ew thats nasty thank god i aint leavin the island for a while now i know theres mustard.... lol

    And Its Nice To Know Theres A Couple Long Islanders On Here Besides Me
  19. In Dallas, a regular mcdouble has pickles, onions, and mustard. I say skip the pickles and mustard, then add ketchup. Mmmm
  20. stoner foul

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