Are you an Intellectual?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PhillGates, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. What makes a person an intellectual, in your eyes? Do you consider yourself one?

    I don't think, nor do I claim to be. (I'd like to be considered one, one day :))

    Thoughts, please.
  2. One's ability to flex, to adapt, to understand and to realize is what I would define an intelligent person. Imagination plays a huge part in it too, for it is vitally important to be able to see possibilities and opportunities and to actualize them to the highest degree. Intelligence is inherent, imo, but few are truly in tune with their own. :p

    "The universe is an intelligence test." -Timothy Leary
  3. An intelligent fellow understands the power of transformation and how to use it in daily life. An alchemist in a sense, he is able to transform his mind to be the greatest of his ability.
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  4. People that like to think are intellectual in my mind.
  5. That's a pretty good description. I might have to change my answer. :)
  6. Firstly, I consider an intellectual anybody who is capable of deep rational thinking and problem solving. Such as understanding emotions, anticipating reactions, comprehending others' thoughts, etc. And secondly, I'm blazed so...yeah...:smoke:

    Sometimes I wonder if the people around me are intellectuals at all. Like for example, I'm constantly thinking and analyzing the things around me. When someone says something odd they normally wouldn't say, my brain will mark it. It's just something I subconsciously do. When I'm talking to some people, they can act so stupid and say such stupid things. Or how when some girls can't take the slightest hint that I'm into them, when I'm just making it painfully obvious.

    Maybe it's just me, and I pay TOO much attention to things. It just makes me feel like I'm the only one who is thinking on the same level, and all the people around me are stupid :p.
  7. The only differences between a genius and an idiot is effort and communication. I don't find it useful to say 'Person A is smart and person B is not' or 'Person A is smarter than person B' as if there is something inherent about intelligence. Being smart only requires putting effort into rational thought, and people only think you're smart if you can communicate it. So yes, I think I am. I also think everyone else is too.
  8. I look at everything critically and analytically. Even when I try not to, I find myself turning these thoughts over in my brain like bingo balls in their cage...round and round...
    I like to know. I like to inquire and ponder. I may not be the most educated, or smartest person, but I have the capacity to entertain some pretty complex thoughs.
  9. reading high level fiction or non-fiction would be a sign of an intellectual imo

  10. I've done both.
  11. naaa, im more of a psycho.

  12. This is pretty much my line of thought, even the nuerotic parts:)

    Emotional intelligence plays a big part as well.
  13. im deeper than oprahs pussy
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  14. i is intellektuel cause i is real smert
  15. obviously I hit yes...because your poll lacked the answer we TRUE intellectuals would's cool...WE know what that question is

    sorry LOL:smoke:
  16. I like to discuss things that some may call intellectual, but anyone without a phd or doctorate that calls themself an intellectual is a fool.
  17. now a days it's the only way to live.

  18. that is a very foolish thing to have said...could not be more wrong...or sad. There were no phd titles in he days of Socrates...such ludacris to say
  19. But he was still clearly an educated man of learning.

    Perhaps you've misunderstood me, there is no need to label yourself or think yourself an intellectual unless you're in an industry that requires it.

    The labeling of yourself as "an intellectual" simply makes me think someone is a fool, as it just screams "look at meeeee". The more you know, the less you understand right?
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