Are you always yourself?

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  1. What do you think of people who try to be someone they're not?
  2. I don't blame them, society is judgemental as fuck. If you're not conforming to at least one group of people, you best be ready to not giveafuck.

    I can be more of an asshole on forums, which isn't actually who I am. I'm nice as fuck irl :cool:
  3. True dat!
  4. Meh I'm an all round cunt 70% of the time. And the other 30% I'm sleeping.
  5. I am your grandmother on the weekends, and I am darth Vader all week.
  6. Depends the situation but like chris rock said when you meet a person for the first time they are meeting your representative :)
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    Being an individual and expressing that is pretty important in finding real happiness. People that seek cheap means to that end by conforming and hiding under a veil will perhaps find superficial and short-term happiness coupled with a lot of repression and likely a great comedown after it all falls apart.

    I know this from personal experience with such people. I was always myself and am happy today. Many of them are anything but happy.

    EDIT: Please do not read 'conforming' as 'conforming to society'. More directed towards social groups and subcultures that one is not actually suited to but conforms to regardless out of insecurity.
  8. It always depends on who I'm hanging with, since I have multiple "types" of friends, but I guess that is being myself.

    It's kinda like having multiple personality disorder except I still have the basic outline of me. :laughing:
  9. i've always thought if you are tryna be something don't you wanna be that? we are who are are but why is being something different not who we are if it's what we want?
  10. "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
    - Kurdt Donald Cobain
  11. Mindfuck waiting to happen.
  12. Most of the time, the only exception I can really think of that I act differently is around the girlfriends family. Even then the only difference is I don't swear and I don't swear a lot anyways.

    One could argue that your only your true self when your alone though. No matter how confident you are in yourself their will always be slight conforming to fit in to what ever group your with.
  13. i know right but idk makes sense to me lol
  14. i think that everybody changes who they are as soon as they are around different people or environment so really the definintion of "you" is like a crying or giggling baby
  15. Everybody is always themselves. Sometimes you do things you don't wanna do, or things you don't usually do so that you can do something bigger that you wanna do. Like deal and mingle with certain relatives so that you can enjoy time with the relatives you do like during the holidays. No matter what, you are always you. A lot of people confuse being true to yourself with being stubborn and difficult to get along with.
  16. i am myself, and don't give a flying fuck. litter life
  17. being true to yourself is all that matters....fuk the rest
  18. I have different personalities and different responses to actions depending on the situation, but at the end they are all a part who i am therefor i'm always myself but who is me?
  19. Well, most of you are down right lieing. Any smart person knows that sometimes in life, you have to be the 'responsible' person, or the smart person...It really does depend on the situation...Lets say your a huge party person at heart, absoloutly wild, surely, when you then attend a funeral, your not being yourself?

    Same goes for a confrontation with the police, if you normally act like a rude, douche, any smart person will know to be respectful and cautious...

    So no, am not ALWAYS my self...But like everyone else has said, if its me and my friends, yeah I'l just be me
  20. no, i change depending on the social group, i also prefer different social groups at different times.
    I dont kow who i am!!!

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