Are you a stoner?

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  1. Just wondering how many people on here consider themselves a legit stoner and how many people just like weed a lot. (no bullshit aboout how u dont want to be categorized, just say what you consider yourself, not what others think u are)

    me, i consider myself a stoner cuz im pretty much always high and smoking weed is my favorite thing to do. wouldn't have it any other way :cool:
  2. I dont consider myself anything
    I just smoke weed
    it doesnt make me a stoner
    Smoking weed isnt my lifestyle
    its just something i do
  3. isnt someone who smokes weed considered a stoner? lol if so then thats what i am. i dont put labels on myself though.
  4. to me a "stoner" is a derogatory statement. When someone calls me a stoner, I get a little angry. I smoke weed, a lot.. but calling someone a stoner basically means that's all someone does, is smoke weed. I have goals, and I work towards them.

    besides.. people who don't puff from time to time are usually lame and not very interesting.
  5. i feel ya there man
  6. i don't call myself a stoner. i'm not against being called a stoner either. others call me a stoner and i accept the title, cuz to them it just means i love bud.
  7. all i do is smoke weed

    i smoke weed every day

    i dont give a fuck

  8. dude exactly

    all day everyday
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    I don't like to label myself, but i guess by definition I would be.

    My father lovingly refers to me as his little "doper" sometimes. I laugh in his face.

    Stoner is fine with me, anything is fine with me. Stoned and proud.

  10. Sounds like youre just in denial. Someone who smokes weed alot... Is a stoner :rolleyes:
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    i smoke weed almost every day. but i can still get shit done (go to work, pay the bills, work around the house,dress up in costumes and protest against weed laws on the side of the road).. but yeah im a stoner..

    i prefer the term po-thead
  12. Yes I am.
  13. No, because I feel like that labels me as an addict....To me stoner : weed = alcoholism : alcohol...And I don't really depend for weed that much. But to other people it means different things, I don't really care if you call me a stoner though.
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Smokin' Weed[/ame]
  15. I see a stoner as someone who likes weed. A pothead is someone where weed is their life.

    I consider myself a stoner. I love getting new and different pieces, studying about it, smoking it, ect
  16. Yeah, a productive one too; what of it?

    If anyone criticizes you for being a stoner, just ask them if they eat mayo.

    "Do you eat mayonnaise? Yes? Do you realize how unhealthy it is? Oh, you do? Well, you don't see me taking it upon myself to tell you to not eat mayo, do you? ... That's what I thought."

    "Prejudice is the child of ignorance." -William Hazlitt
  17. I smoke ganja but that doesn't make me anything. We're all just humans with different hobbies and ways to make ourselves appreciate life to the fullest.

    However, I suppose by society I would be a stoner. I like to use different pieces for smoking, creating new pieces, studying how marijuana works and different kinds of marijuana. I love marijuana, but it isn't my life. Marijuana is a great addition to my life and truly enhances my happiness.
  18. yeah when people call me a stoner i get kinda pissed cause i smoke weed but i dont need to be catorgized as a stoner
  19. Smoking weed is just like masturbation, you keep it a secret because you don't want people to know you do, but on the other hand, who doesn't masturbate?
  20. I guess I'm a stoner, but I just think of myself as a weed smoker.

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