are you a secret stoner?

Discussion in 'General' started by Entourage420, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Are most people in your life (parents, siblings, relatives, peers you are not acquainted with, teachers/profs, etc.) unaware of your inner fondness for cannabis?

    Just high and curious.
  2. Mostly. My parents know I have smoked, and that I will at parties and stuff, its more an out of sight, out of mind kinda deal. Siblings all know pretty much, but oddly enough my roommate doesnt know haha. Thats okay, I like for people to make the connections themselves.
  3. I for one have always been a slightly paranoid blazer, so i take precautions about chiefing when im at home or away at school as i am currently. Few people in my life (like family or people i'm not down to party with) know i am fond of green. I kind of like it the way it is actually. I feel like a secret stoner is usually a productive stoner
  4. I'd say I'm somewhat covert. :confused_2:

    My mom and sister know, but I don't think any other family members do.

    It's not like it's some huge secret, but it's not something that I'm going to advertise to everyone either.
    There are people who will talk about it anytime, anywhere, and I'm just not like that. It's not something I'm going to flaunt in public or brag about on my Facebook page or some shit.
  5. Same.

    And there may be some people in my family that know or are catching on but I'm not too worried. :smoke:
  6. people who have known me for a long time don't know or suspect anything because i was always the "really smart kid." People who are just meeting me general mannerisms/the way i talk and think, along with the clothes i wear and the length of my hair, just scream STONER

  7. Exactly. Those who "should" know (fam+Real friends, not just any friend:cool:) Know and accept. Hell 1st bud I ever smoked was moms and we still share buds to this day, if times are rough n im Broke she makes Sure i have my Real meds:D:D:D:cool:

    not something i Try to flaunt, but my looks/hair/"style" dont exactly Hide it, why should i try, people will still Think what they want, with or without knowing me or the truth. I have nothing to be ashamed of, just gotta be happy with You in this life:smoke:/stonedRant

    thats what i was gettin at w/ the flauntin' part
  8. yea most people dont know, except one of my best friends,not the other
  9. all of my friends know...well at least all the people i hang out with. my parents know i do, and a few other family members know. i like to blaze with my aunt and cousin, but haven't done that in a while. i smoke with my older brother (23) once in a while, but he's not much of a weed smoker.
  10. im glad you included "too high to answer" in your options. thank you.
  11. My mom and grandmother know I tried it, but they have nooooo idea how fond of it I am. But it's cool. They'll figure it out next year when I'm set in Amsterdam for 7 days:D
    Ahh, can't wait to have that conversation.
  12. My family and friends know. No one else needs to. :D
  13. The only member of my family who knows is my sister, but all my friends I usually let know. I don't shout it from the rooftops, though.
    A lot of people seem surprised when they find out, apparently I'm not the kind of person they'd suspect.
  14. I'm in stealth mode. ;)

    I'm pretty sure that Nirvana and Attitude are onto me, though. :D

  15. haha glad to be of service..blaze on
  16. I don't hide my personality from anyone and because of that I think most people know that I love the herb.
  17. I don't smoke for other people, I smoke for myself and because I enjoy it. Therefore, I see no reason to advertise the fact that I smoke to anyone.

    Other then the people I smoke with (who are few and far between) no one knows that I do.
  18. I mostly smoke alone in my room.. but most of my friends know i smoke , does that count?
  19. Did that say like because of covernt or because of covert? I dont understand what the deal is with this motherfucking chicken shit bull shit!

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