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are you a joint smoker or a blunt smoker :P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Funshinezz, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Joints vs blunts? oldschool gangsta blunt, or a tasty purple joint?!?! sometimes choosing one or the other can seem odd to some. i for one love joints over almost anyform of smoking granted i dont roll them all day 24/7 but when possible ill most def toss one up. so leave your comment here Joint or blunt?:smoking:
  2. blunts for me, pink berry bluntvilles are the shit.

  3. indeed. haha granted blunts r nice but a few things always turn me off of them. 1: Too much bud is used to roll them bitches fat enough for a "good" blunt and u can use anyone from .3 to almost a gram in a joint. u most def cant put .3 in a blunt and smoke it. prob wont work haha. 2: i find sometimes the taste of the blunt paper changes the taste of the buds. i like my buds tasting like dank not grape swisher lol
  4. try to stick to j's cause i'm tryna quit tabacco.

  5. good for u my brotha! cig free myself since new years of 2010.
  6. Blunt's usually but there are some situations where a J is perfect.
  7. I like em both, but im also looking into the future here. Blunts are worse for me. If its wrapped up, I'd prefer joints over blunts. But I'd rather vape and bake the duff over both
  8. thank you!! smoked a cig last night but haven't bought in a while!

  9. thats the next step. stop buying. then just stop smoking.
  10. I'm not a fan of tobacco and I find blunts mess up the flavor and texture of the smoke compared to joints. So joints for me.
  11. :smoke:Joints. kthx.
  12. Joints. my lungs are bad enough without having tobacco in em all the time. although i do thoroughly enjoy a blunt everynow and then with a buddy.:smoke:
  13. Rolling up them paper planes all day

    tgod :smoke:
  14. Joints most of the time for me since I can't roll blunts to save my life, but when I'm hanging out with my sisters' BF or someone who can roll a nice blunt I'll more than gladly throw down for a fat 3g blunt.
  15. lol noice. 2nd page less keep this thread movin!!!
  16. Joints :)

    I don't like cancer paper or blunt wraps.
  17. Well, I primarily smoke out of glass, but when I do decide to roll one up I smoke a joint. I think blunts taste gross and the low grade tobacco ruins it for me. A lot of my friends prefer blunts though so I usually smoke a bowl when they smoke a blunt.

    Plus I usually try and smoke in small amounts over time, and you don't really have that option when rolling up a joint or a blunt.

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