Are you a hippie?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Its simple.

    I definetly think I am. Not like a go save the whales kinda hippie, but more a spiritually enlightened/in touch hippie. Like good vibes and all that.

    But Im not a pussy hippie. I'll definetly mow your ass in a game of paintball (dont think woods, think getting your inner muppet mowed like a lawn in summer)
  2. Someone once told me I was a hippie, so yes.

    edit: (lets say im a 21st century hippie ;) )
  3. I would consider myself a 'modern hippie'. Not like a free love, anti war kinda guy, but more like an activist progressive potsmoking teenager.
  4. The word hippy is just another social classification and caste.

    The only hippies around these days are the grisly old acid heads from the 60's. Don't get me wrong, some of those guys are my best buddies.

    To be fair, hippy is a term used to explain the culture of drug and spritual experimenters from the 60's, not a state of being which makes you 'spiritually enlightened' or a recreational pot user.
  5. *Hangs head in disappointment*
  6. Lol, awww.
    Idk what I'd be considered. I like to stay away from drama, yet at the same time drama seems to fall in my lap.
  7. no, i consider myself one mentally but i would never say i appear or act it
  8. Sums up how I feel...
  9. Yes. Yes I am.

    The only outwardly sign would be my hair though (long luxurious blonde locks). Booya.

  10. same
  11. its a word to describe a culture, a way of thinking. personally i would conseder henry david thoreau a hippy just by the way he though and shit, but he lived at least 100 years before even 60's hippies. so my definition of hippy is a way of thinking and being. theres so much literature around that describes hippy culture even as far back as 100 years ago. indians are hippies (well the nice ones), monks are hippes.
  12. rasta man ruining our fun!! mean grouch

    haha jk jk but hes right. hippys just another fing term used to classify people. haha but to answer the question, yes i think im a hippy, and so do all my black dudes on the block haha. Im the only white guy down there and yet i still make fun of them to there face for acting all gangster i love it. and then they make fun of me for being a cracker and a laid back hippy haha. But then we proceede straight to me rolling us blunts and smoking so we stay friends unlikie all the other white peple haa jk jk
  13. I am certainly not a freeloading, landsquatting, non-showering, tree-loving hippy.
  14. I'm a hippy at heart. And Lexas - I love trees! :p They're beautiful and nature is just frickin awesome. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. ;)
  15. nah i aint a hippie, i dress in super cheap gangster apparel, cuz thats teh only thing they got at gabriel brothers that i'd at least enjoy wearing cuz its comfortable... discount prices are watsup
  16. :bongin:

    ...bubble bubble bubble bubble .........:D

  17. Trees are cool with me. I enjoy nature. I live quite close to the Great Smoky Mountains and me and a bud make regular trips to enjoy the scenery while we blaze. I'd like to have a home deep in the forests some day when I get older.
  18. Same here.

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