Are you a dreamer?

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    So I'm a big fan of this movie A Waking Life,I'm sure a few of you have seen it. If not, I suggest you check it out. Anyways, I found this page of quotes from the movie, and I thought we could all post some of our favorites. There all really good.. haha. But here's a few I liked:

    So let's see some good ones! I think you'll find a few you like..

    Are you a dreamer?
  2. I love this movie, it may be my favorite. One of my favorite quotes is the guy forsythe one as well.
  3. Love this movie! I think the guy who describes evolution from single celled organisms to god-like inter dimensional beings is fantastic. It makes so much sense it's scary
  4. Yes. I am an oneironaut, a sculptor of the outer dimensions, a controller of the hidden realm that is unlocked when we enter REM sleep...

    I am a natural lucid dreamer, and I use it as a tool.
  5. Do you use it to sculpt your reality?
  6. Pretty much. You can learn things there, such as training for sports/studying/thinking without limitations.

    Things you do in a lucid dream translates to muscle memory in real life (NOT muscle strengtch of course), so you can get very good at things. Tiger Woods said he used it for golf, a female tennis player said she used it for tennis (I don't remember the name), Michael Phelps mentioned lucid dreaming before as part of training, and a NASA employee used it to think of how we are going to go back to the moon for Project Constellation.
  7. going to have to watch for the third time, definitely great
  8. It is a classic.. it'll always be toward the top of my favorite movies list. I may just have to watch it again soon also. :)

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