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Are you a conservative smoker? Or uncontrollable?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Recentrippin, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Personally, I am a very conservative smokers. For example, I try and make my bud go a long way. I dont need to get that high to be satisfyed. Just a bowl and Im good to go for the day.

    On the other hand, my friend says hes sober in 20 minutes after we smoke, and just smokes everything in sight. Now he's a good friend, but its just tough smokin sometimes, because he wants to smoke the rest of our sack now, where I'd like to save it for tomorrow morning.

    Just ranting, anyone notice differences between you and your friends' smoking habits/needs/desires?

  2. I'm like you. I'd love to smoke all of my sack and get smashed, but then i'd be out of weed. If I have alot I still smoke little (i still get plenty high), but I don't worry about conserving. When I have little left it's automatic to save a little. smoke as little as possible and it usually lasts me awhile.

    I just like to smoke alot of the time. but I do have self control.

    I sort of lost my thought so I think im gonna go now, lol.
  3. if im low on weed ill smoke just a nuff to get by but if i got alot ill be smoking all day n shit
  4. I grow my own so i smoke away.
    If im low i smoke the same.

    about 4 years ago i was getting a half a week for 15 years
    a good job helps the habit.
    i work 40 to 50 hours a week so i need a big high.

    You young guys need to save because of money but not all of you,some people need just 2-4 hits i know this because my brother inlaw smokes very little, a half lasts him about 2-3 months.

  5. ha ha ha ha! that is so fucking me!! i can't stop laughing... man, i'd smoke untill i passed out or it got to be bedtime, but my bf won't let me. :) probably a good thing. i just don't know what it is, but the more i smoke the more i want. nothing glues me to the chair anymore
  6. I can control to a point but some days I just have a gram or so and I know I want to save it to smoke with some friends so I say hmmm, I'll just smoke a pinch to get me high. Then when I'm high I say, well what's the harm in having more. Before I know it, my gram is gone. One time an 8th lasted me 4 days. I could have controlled it but it was a friday. Friday always gets me. If I smoke with friends I smoke less (often) but we get FuuuuCKED. We would just chill in a trippy park.
  7. There was a time when I just kept getting money and kept spending it on chronic. During the span of 2 weeks I bought 6 eighths and a dub. I smoke a lot of people out though so it's not like I'm smoking it all, but I am smoking a lot of it. Whenever I have weed I smoke it. I mean if I'm not high and I have my sack out I'll just toke and toke. But I cut down to about 2-3 dubs a week, sometimes as low as 2 dimes. But I'm saving up to go in on a quarter pound with my dealer, and it is gonna be super fire, and I know I'm just gonna be rollin' blunts 24 seven when I get that.
  8. im the kinda of person who smokes intill i cant smoke any more
  9. i love smokin nonstop, but i cant afford it most of the time.
    whenever i get a bag, i set aside a good portion for my one hitter, and the rest for whatever, it usually makes bags last pretty long, especially if its good weed
  10. i'm more of a conservative smoker.. but i dont smoke too little.. i smoke enough to be stoned.. i may make a little splurge of a couple more buds, but that's it.
  11. Most of the time when I'm by myself, I'm pretty conservative. Sometimes, though, I'll just get the urge to splurge, and I'll smoke for like an hour straight and get totally baked. That's pretty rare.

    When I'm with my friends, it's hard to conserve because I wind up smoking them out. Well, that and the fact that it's so much more fun to smoke with your buds than doing it alone that you just want to smoke and smoke and smoke. :) A baggie lasts a lot longer when I'm by myself.

    As for right now, though, I'm going to burn with some buds. Chao!
  12. ever since my friend's little brother got killed, i kinda look at it like heyyy if everyone wants to smoke, then why not. burn the whole sack or 2 in one night. it's like, since there was someone i KNEW that is no longer here, like one day i could call and be like "hey what's up" and the next day he's gonnnne, kinda realized, hey, tomorrow i might not be around to smoke weed ever again. and it being one of the things i love dearly..
    sooo uncontrollable smoker. smoked a half ounce in 4-5 hours with 2 other friends one night.
  13. Consv. I just smoke a nuff 2 get me hi at the time being. HOly fuck i'm gone. nite
  14. i usualy buy enought for me, for 2 weeks but is quite a lot of weed if i dont smoke what im used to smoke everyday it can last me for one month or two the same $30usd of weed that i buy, i can smoke as much as i want, but when we go out with friends i mean when we get to smoke toghther the hvy duty smokers crew, we buy at leadt $60 for that day and we smoke until the body can be up :)

  15. i have the bud, if im the only one tokin, itll last me 5x more then just being with one more friend.
  16. I was more of a conservative smoker. I was high all the time, but I didn't just smoke and smoke and smoke and get baked. I'm happy splitting a bowl or a joint of regs with a friend and stopping, or sometimes even only smoking half a joint by myself and putting it out for later. I like to get high and go about my business, and only occasionally get really stoned. One time I made an eighth go two and a half weeks while I was smoking every day, but I haven't been able to do that since. Over the summer I got to where I was smoking somewhere between a 1/4 and a 1/2 a week of regs, and when I wanted to get really high, I'd smoke a little out of my kb bag.
  17. I would have to say that I see myself as a conservative smoker. I dont smoke too often, usually between one and three times a day, and when I do smoke is just 5 or 6 hits off the ole hashpipe. Every once in a while I will smoke a big fat bowl and get nice and toasted but I try not to do this too often like maybe one time a month or less.

    PS You never run out o stash if you look for some 2 or 3 days before you run out;;;
  18. conservative definitely. when i smoke i try to be as efficient as possible, take a hit all the way in, cover the bowl, hold it for 8 seconds, and let go. Lots of people i know are sloppy kindof, like making a bunch of smoke all around them, not going into lungs..what a terrible thing to do. smoking excessivley no, just smoke a bowl and be stoned, dont usually do more than 1 or 2. id rather be pleasantly stoned 20 good times off an 8th than get ripped out of my gord 5 times.
  19. Im both....some times i like to make it last... then theres "those days" that ill smoke until i the other day smoked an ounce in like 5 hours w/a few friends...i think maybe a little longer....
  20. I try and just do 1 big bowl, maybe 2 a day, but spread out of course. I find smoking a bowl before bed helps. Sometimes my friends want to get stoned off their asses, so I go along. Im just about out right now, im going to have to buy some more tomorrow.

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