Are we slaves?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stew11, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I dont know i been thinking about the government and republics in general and im just wondering if what everyone thinks about it

    Every couple of years we elect someone who supposedly has our best interests in mind, then they usually go back on their promises and follow their own agenda. This isn't so bad with congress, as it is with the president b/c congressman can get replaced easier. Since almost no president will get impeached, they can do as they like regardless of public interest. And in order to get them not impeached all they have to do is make the vice president an even worth person then they are. Even congressmen have a hard time losing their job unless they are involved in some kind of scandle.

    During the time between elections the general public has almost no input into how things are run. So basically doesn't that make us slaves, and every 2 or 4 years we get to choose who we want to be our masters?

    just really stoned and thought of this, wat do you all thinks?
  2. IMO you are indeed a slave. But a slave to who? Yourself? The government? Big corperations? If everything was free, then we would have no jobs to do, then we wouldnt be slaves anymore. Sure, theres always gonna be people telling you what you can and cannot do, but were slaves for a reason. If we werent, then the world would be in such worse shape.
  3. Mentally maybe, but we are more prisoners than slaves.
  4. Worker bees can leave the nest,

    Even drones can fly away,

    The queen is their slave.

  5. I think its best said that way.
  6. Oh yes, without a doubt. But ask yourself, would we have any of these comforts and conveniences if not for some degree of mental and physical slavery? Could they reasonably be sustained if we were to free ourselves from the bonds now? Those are the questions I'm dedicating my life to answering.
  7. chyeaaaaa
  8. Are we slaves?


    And I do not understand your explaination of how we are slaves- cause we elect someone for 2-4 years????

    I just do not get where you are coming from.
  9. Democracy is only as good as the energy you put into it.

    Apathy and the negligibility to enforce the representation of one's government is what turns it into a plutocracy.

    All governments, weather democratic or not, ultimately answer to the people. It just depends if those people are willing to make their voices heard, no matter what the cost. Or weather they would rather be silent and be satisfied with the safety offered by control.

    Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job
    - Douglas Adams​
  10. Oh, I love that one. Douglas Adams was the man.

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