Are we fucked?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MasterOG, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Is this the beginning of the end? Or is there a way out of our present predicament?

    Personally i think we are fucked, i dont see anything going uphill from here
  2. Look at the history of every great civilization, then answer your own question.

    Short Answer: If we do not correct our mistakes and learn from them, we will cease to thrive.

  3. thats true, i guess its an inevitable then right? I mean look at Ancient Rome, there are some strong similarities between their empire and our country, its true that history repeats itself
  4. well not in our lifetime, if so, then we would be one of the only civilizations to destroy itself within a few years.

    Thank goodness I live in the valley of California, at least Ill never starve lol

  5. History may repeat itself, though we are living in so-called "modern" times. Technology and the occult have given us a new edge that ancient civilizations never had.
  6. There is a solution:

    We need to elect this guy. FTW.
  7. so you guys think we still have a chance?
  8. the world isnt going to stop turning there will be a new day.

    Look at Africa, they have NOTHING yet they survive, we as a people in America are intelligent enough to get by I believe.
    The only way its going to end is from another war or something to that extent.

    We are made up of states so we really cant destroy America all at once.
    If needed, states can probably set some emergency programs up if needed.

    Oh yeah, plus all of the military and its retirees will always be able to get food and resources somehow.
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    1. The world will stop turning not anytime soon but it will. And 2 how does another war make sense? We turned billions of dollars in debt into several trillion just in one war not to mention our current war efforts. All these wars are bringing deficits even after the oil refineries and opium fields we have impearlized so droping bombs for money clearly isnt working. And if im to gone to read then hell yeah be a rebleXD
  10. what happens if we go into a recession? Repeat of the '30's or worse?
  11. I believe we are well on our way down that road
  12. I dont think there will be a collapse until the 2nd amendment rights are taken away. It would be stupid of the elite to trigger a collapse without first taking the guns out of the hands of the american people.

    Once the 2nd amendment is gone expect a collapse very soon. Im thinking theres gonna be another war soon, on the scale of another iraq (syria? Libya? Iran? who knows, but at this point id say syria). And with this war, they will have an excuse to temporarily take away the 2nd amendment rights. Just like the patriot act was only supposed to be temporary. With the new super congress they wont be able to filibuster any anti-gun laws.

    this is just speculation.
  13. If there is an economic collapse here and rights and liberties and (god forbid) TiVo and Cable are taken away citizens will be pissed and politicians will die. I'm not saying I'd take part in any violence, but everyone knows that there are plenty of violent unstable people with guns here, and once they have nothing to lose you can expect violence. The only thing I can see resulting from any of this is bigger government, less freedom, and an even more prevalent police state. It's good to know that I'm not the only one unnerved by the idea of the super congress. All we can really do at this point is hope for the best, because those in power clearly only have their own interests in mind and don't take into consideration what would actually be best for the country.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself! It's all in their filthy hands...
  15. There's absolutely no way the people would stand for losing their second amendment rights. That right there probably would trigger some kind of revolution or mass uprising.
  16. we need to get rid of these teabaggers.. then everything will go back to normal. They are the cause for all of this mess..

  17. Everything aside if you want to look at what is now keeping us afloat it is our dollar and its reign as the world currency. As long as we have this we can always print our way out of any money problem, making things worse down the road.

    Once OPEC starts listing OIL in another currency, or we loose the reserve status you will see the USA collapse over night. The reason is that our dollar will adjust against what ever currency they chose instantly according to our GDP vs debt.

    To who ever said that societies dont collapse over night you should know this has been coming ever since we abandon the gold standard so this has been happening for decades. This has been a slow and deliberate destruction by the same rich powers we fought against in 1776. lol. No one even has a clue. The current down fall can be traced to the most recent low in gold when it was down around $300 an ounce. So this most recent collapse has been going on for about the last 10 years as gold has been steadily going up the entire time.

    So to answer the OP question we are so fucked your great great grand kids feel it.
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    You are joking I hope. If not please WAKE UP.

    Or you could just keep listening to FOX news
  19. You guys are all pessimistic assholes. America will treat us good :)
  20. is FOX blaming the tea party too?

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