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Are we cool or do I look like a mooch?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NYM, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Well basically one of my good friends ALWAYS smokes me out. With Dank also. He gets it from his dealer in a different town where the weed is better. We usually hang out 3-4 times a week, all of those days we smoke about 2 grams a day. Now here is the catch; he always invites me to chill and come smoke. I don't initiate it or say "Oh Mike, can I come smoke?", he always invites me to come over. I ask time after time if I can pay him for the Bud at all and he always brushes it off and says no. Whenever we smoke we order food and what I have been doing is when he wants to split the price of our order from Dominos or whatever, I take the $ he gives me to pay the guy and just put it back on his desk and pick up the bill for the order, which is usually $20-$30. I just can't have it on my conscience that I let him buy all that Weed. He's usually to fucked up to notice me putting the $ back. :smoke:

    Well what I want to know is if that is okay that I'm doing that or should I be stuffing $ in his pockets for the Bud.

    Discuss. :confused:
  2. eh i mean smoking someone out doesnt entitle you having to pay him if he doesnt go pitch in 15 bucks welll smoke 2g's then he cant turn it against you saying you owe him but yes buying food is a nice way to repay him for the food, and sometimes bring your own bud because even though youve been buying the food most of the time people dont like to be the only one to buy the bud because it is illlegal and it puts them at more risk. otherwise no dont worry about the money because if he wanted it he would accept it
  3. Definitely give him some cash. I'd make him take it lol.
  4. Good man with the putting his food money back.

    I would say no even if you didn't do that. Maybe your friend just wants to be the Jesus of weed?
  5. Through high school me and my best friend used to do this. For about a year straight that guy literally smoked me out every single day, I didn't buy a sack once or anything. That year, I also drove him to school every day and back, but he's my neighbor. The following year, I still drove him every day, but I pretty much packed all the bowls. We'd split some some days, but usually I'd just load it.

    With certain friends/family, it honestly doesn't matter. Sharing is caring.
  6. Just pay him back with other shit, you know food, tickets to something, bj.. ya know the usual
  7. Eh, I always smoke up a good buddy of mine and never view him as a moocher...(he doesn't have any connects and I introduced it to him) But in your case if you're paying for food...thats usually more $ than the weed that you smoke. Next time tell him when he buys ask him to buy for you...and you'll pay him, and match with him and split your food costs. That way its all good...but if he keeps asking you to come over and smoke with him, then he doesn't view it as a big problem anyways.
  8. Your buddy may not like toking alone and he probably enjoys having you on board when he tokes cause your cool peeps. Or he just wants to smoke you out, either way you are not begging him or anything you are simply there when he calls, and you are putting down on the grubski too! You are cool Bro, I would be cool with that deal, hell when I have my grow party noone even brought me food, I had to supply it all, which was cool cause I asked the people to come over, but it would have been nice if someone had left the food money on the tabel. In either case you are cool, and if you are always copping food then its all fair. Chalk it all up to good friends and good times! :hello:JOE>
  9. Honestly, if I invite someone over to smoke my bud, its not because I want something out of it, just someone to smoke with. And If you're buying lunch/dinner, I'd call it even :D
  10. ahh i miss highschool
  11. just means he's a real good friend. be lucky to have someone with those qualities!
  12. Your cool dude. good thing ur actually doing something to pay him back. Some ppl would just keep smoking for free
  13. I always smoke my friends out, and they never have to pay me back or anything. They sometimes buy some food, but I could care less. They could give me a piece of candy and I'd be happy.

    Some people are just gracious. :smoke:
  14. me and my bros always split bud man, y u mooching all his weed?

  15. cool post bro :rolleyes:

    I dont think you're friend smoking you down makes you a mooch at all. Maybe he just like having his own weed but also likes smoking with you. Just try and get him bck whenever you can
  16. You have an awesome friend. Next time, on your way out just leave like a 10 or 20 dollar bill for him. Lol he doesn't have to know where it came from, and once he finds out, I'm pretty sure the last thing he is try to give it back to you.
  17. Alright, thanks for the responses. I guess your right that there are probably people that mooch and don't even offer any compensation. I'll drop him some money next time I see him and he won't know where it came from. :devious:

    He's just being a good friend and enjoying the good times I guess. :smoke:
  18. You're not getting smoked out if you buy his food. Sounds like he wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the same. A good friend of mine loves to smoke but can't really have it in his house cause he's livin with his parents (he lives too damn close to the college and room and board is expensive as shit) so I just smoke him out and I don't really mind it at all.

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