Are we all enemies?

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  1. If there are so many dollar bills, and so many roles to fill, should we be competing over who gets what and who is who?

    The sake of our future is at hand.

    How we shape the environment of the future is a product of our total actions.

    Can we decide on the same goals?

    I think that it is called honor when we all choose to allow our wills to be expressed.

    There is a solution to all of our problems, and I believe it is quite simple, to live and let live.
  2. I think you need to organize your ideas a bit better.
  3. yes, we are all enemies
  4. No offence but this seems like it was a written by some stoned kid giving philosophy a first try.
  5. this.
  6. How else are we gonna construct skyscrapers and send men to the moon?
  7. im gonna have to say [​IMG]

  8. Yea bruh, totally feel ya..:)
  9. Dude....your not as deep as you thinks you are.

    I agree with the live and let live, but the rest of someone else in this thread said, " No offence but this seems like it was a written by some stoned kid giving philosophy a first try. ".

    Over all i would say it..............Fails.:(
  10. [​IMG]
  11. unlike the rest of these dickwads in this thread with their smart remarks i feel where u coming from mane.

    but i dont feel that we are all enemies but the way this world is set up makes it seem that way. we just need to have more unity within humanity which is something we are horribly lacking.
  12. LOL Honor? How did that word end up there...

    First off the reason humans have thrived is because by nature we all have that survival instinct.

    I just dont know how to respond to the op....
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    Live and let live, c'mon guys that's pretty easy to see that's what the op meant..

    Let people live their lives, don't stress over other people's choices, and just enjoy your life..

    There might have been some stoner babble in the op, but we all know what the overall message was.. And I dig that message.:smoke:

    Stop being counterproductive folks..
  14. No were just made to believe that. We're all linked to the Great Spirit and helping each other is a representation of that love
  15. Dude, that seems like it's exactly what is needed. People are fucking assholes, and they don't know the definition of Peace and Understanding. I used to think about that all the time, people being fucked up, and wouldn't let things be. Always for their sick pleasures and/or insecurities. That's why it seems like we are all enemies, because people seem to not know about peace.
  16. nice, everyone. :mad:

    He's just getting his thoughts out...don't badger him because it isn't as eloquent as something you may have written yourselves. Geesh.

    Anyway, we're not inherently good or evil in my opinion. Therefore I doubt we're all enemies nor all friends serving a common purpose. It's a luscious mix, my friend. A certain ebb and flow, a balance if you will. It keeps us going until it doesn't.
  17. We all wrote what we wanted to write.
  18. God bless the internet...

    That pic applies to all of us. I wont deny that
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    its fights over barley hospitable, middle eastern land, and $, oil, everything, corrupt fed, state and local 'officials' etc, etc, misspent funds. and many backwards people. in god we trust? how about,

    where is the love

    can people have so much influence to change the world? or just look out for themselves.
  20. I don't consider everyone around to be an enemy and pity anyone that does. If pass someone stranded on the side of the road I don't celebrate it as some kind of small victory, I pull over and help or just call the police. I see the world as a big place filled with lots of people sharing a limited supply of resources.

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