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are trichomes ever hard or "crunchy"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pikap, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. after having recently aquired a very tainted bag of medicine i am now inspecing every bud i get scrupuloulsy, my question is do trichomes ever get hard or crunchy? if so, what would be some reasons for that?
  2. Usually only if its grit weed I think, eat a piece, and if it crunches in your teeth like sand then its contaminated
  3. i see ur form UK has gritweed died out or did they just make the particles smaller?
    because this is three different guys now who are moving this shit...
  4. No, they dont
  5. No that's just crack 0.O
  6. get a cd that you don't want and rub the weed on it, if it scratches than it has sand or glass on it, I learned that on grasscity, unfortunately I was in a possition where I actually had to test that method.
  7. ya so i did all of those traditional grit weed tests it def, scrathed a cd, its crunchung between my teeth but i cant see the particle with a 40X scope or a 100X scope
  8. sounds like your bud is tainted, don't smoke it and warn all of your friends about the dealer
  9. damn defintiely goin to, this is very werid to me tho because of the amount of people im friends with i have friends in a buncha different parts of the state... but this stuff has come tainted from three different that possible? its everywhere...
  10. what regon are you in? if its that widespread we need an alert on here
  11. oh and what do you mean you can't see the particles, what exactly does it look like under the microscope, should look like little glass mushrooms
  12. im the the southeast...and yes i would actually appriciate it if other people in this region of the counrty would check to see if they are recieving this as well...ive been smokeing for years and am pretty good and telling good stuff from bad but im totally perplexed because of how prevelant this seems to be...
  13. well we need to be able to know that you could see the particles under a scope. you should be able to you know?
  14. when i look at it under the scope i def can see the trichomes and their shapes they are like a saw blade of mushrooms on the side of the bud peices, the part that look like it might be outa place to me are the peices on the trichomes that seem to be reflecting light if u can picture the trichome stalk with a globular head on it then there are these tiny little specs running up and the stalk that seem to be reflecting light or allowing light to shine through them differently than the rest of the trichome
  15. ya, shoudl see something there, any chance you can get access to a usb microscope and post a pic?

    im in the south east too but havent picked up in like 5 days. i did just have someone hit me up with 45 dollar 8ths though which is a little too cheap for around here
  16. grit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. smoke it in a bong

  18. I don't know mate I only ever saw grit weed in london about 5 years ago, I haven't got any from there since but I'm sure its still about, never seen any in essex though
  19. ive heard that if the particles are microscopic a bong wont help as the particluate could get trapped in air bubbles and still get into ur lungs...
  20. new update...have now used two microscoopes and am tryin to obtain USB scope...from what my buddy told me and from ppl on here said it looks normal except for on the outline of the trichomes right on the stalk at three different points from the head to the bottom of the stalk are little pieces of somthing that doesnt look the same as the trichomes look, it seems to be reflecting the light and has a circular shape...

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