are things currently going good for you?

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    they are for me, and a large amount of people i know.

    just met a really really hot girl who's diggin me, and now i talk to her like every day via text or on the phone at night, i'm pretty damn happy with that, just a girl can lift your spirits greatly...

    i'm going to a really easy school for my high school graduation, it's great, barely have to do any work and a packet of like 8 pages when completed is worth like 5 credits... crazy easy.
    and it's very easy to get stoned during school and come right back in. everyone else is a stoner too.

    i'm getting my paycheck this afternoon, gonna throw down some money and blaze with 4 of my homies, one of which has a trailer in his backyard that has an xbox 360 in it. GREAT for long smoke sessions with a large amount of people.

    and i was smoking a blunt the other day with my friend, we got into a deep talk about how everything is looking up, for us and everyone around us. very weird and cool at the same time.

    so grass city, tell me how things are going for you.

    i'd like to see if this chain of good happenings is occurring elsewhere.

    i hope you all are as great as i am. :)
  2. Congrats, that must feel great.

    Wish I could say yes.
  3. thanks man.

    things aren't going so good for you?
  4. Better than they were,, just got my GED recently and Im about to start culinary arts school
  5. gonna be a cook?

    dude i want to be a cook so i can get high and make some GREAT food i can enjoy by myself...

    or for me and a girl.

    that's a plus for that, you can always tell a girl you cook and she'll be like "ok we can go to your place"

    mission accomplished.
  6. Im fucking great dude. Just got a very good connect trustworthy guy and pretty good all around. Girlfriend thats smoking hot and very great to be around. (she even cooks :OOO)
    2 classes in school that are easy as hell. Good grades. Its all good man.
  7. that's great dude, i hope things stay the way they are for you.
  8. Shit is looking up for me too duder. Currently 3 semesters away from my B.A. Just found out that my deductible on my hospital bills - $3000+ will be cleared to a balance of $0 because my application for assistance was approved and because I have zero income because I am a full time student. NICE!

    I get to see my girlfriend in about a week after over a month of being away from her at school.

    I have a solid connect now where I can get phat 1/4 bags for $50 whenever I need it.

    And my birthday is in 5 days!
  9. Things are not going really good for me right now. I've got a bunch of shit on my plate and I'm struggling to keep it all in a pile on the plate before it falls the the floor and gets trashed. But I'm still here chillin and livin' so I can't be too down on life.
  10. congrats on the new girl man! things are looking up for me. just found out today i got a new job i wanted.. i had gotten laid off a couple weeks and things were looking pretty bad. but thats ok because i got a better job that pays a lot more.. and my wife wants to have more sex!
  11. Today is the first day I don't have homework. Came to the apartment, smoked some weed. Got a variety of pills to do as well. Going to be drinking tonight for sure.
  12. yea man ive actually been having an awesome week or 2, ive been working out daily, cutting back my smoking to about an hour or 2 before bed, and i also am talking to an extremely beautiful girl that is really diggin me, so yea man lifes good, good to hear other peoples lifes are awesome right now, and if yours aint hot right now, u know it will be u just gotta look forward to it, and realize u can only go forward, weed helps me A LOT when i have shit weeks, idk how id get through them without the late night blaze:smoke::)
  13. good man glad to hear you're doing good.

    happy toking.
  14. Things have been just awful for me for awhile now. I keep waiting for them to get better, but they don't.

    I'm glad that things are going well for you, it always makes me feel better when I know others are happy :)
  15. yeah thanks! it makes me happy that people are happy because of my/others' happiness.

    you gotta take action and MAKE them better!

    won't get anywhere just waiting, whiskey!
  16. I'm working on it! :D
  17. Could be better.
  18. Not as well for me. But I've got high hopes that it will improve once I grow some balls and solve my own problems! :rolleyes:

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