Are they ready yet?

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  1. Hello, I'm super newbie about hole growing and such and this is my first grow. I'd like to ask other experienced growers how long these ladys have?

    These auto ak47s are 61 days old, breeders suggested harvest day is 70 days when I look at them with microscope mostly milky I guess. No amber what so ever.

    My grow medium is 80% plagron light mix + %20 vermiculite + 20% perlite
    I used advanced nutrients sensi grow and conneissour bloom and I've been using mollasses and overdrive for the last week.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advanced. 20190601_200953.jpg 20190601_201014.jpg 20190601_201027.jpg
  2. I feel like those numbers they give us is just the flowering time. i always go over the recommended to get amber trichomes. ignore the breeder rec and just watch for amber trichs.
  3. I do not think that they look ready, though coming along very nicely.
    Do you have a magnifier so as to look at the trichomes?
  4. I have a magnifier but honestly I just use the zoom on my phone. Its easier for me to get close and take an HDR photo and just zoom in on the photo and check out the trichs.
  5. I have a magnifier, trichomes are mostly milky right now. Maybe %65~70 rest is clear, no amber
  6. ... if only I still had eyes like that...
    I have to use a digital magnifier.
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  7. You're real close.
    Look for something like 40% amber... you'll be gold.
    You're still showing white pistils coming forth... there is time.

    Then again, some plants NEVER go amber!
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  8. Sure will do..
    The one on the second photo's leaves started to turn yellow too. Should I keep those leaves on or snap them.
  9. I know the pain of unsightly leaves.
    *I'd* leave them on and let the plant take care of its own business.
    Someone else would remove them.
  10. I just tried my best with my iPhone SE with a cheesy macro lens.
    I could not get any 'zoomier' than this;

    On the other hand;
  11. Judging by intuition, the second photo looks ready, the top one almost ready and the third's not there yet. All of the pistils will never dry, there will always be some new ones showing up. Sometimes there will be plenty of new pistils even when it's ready. I usually take it down when I start getting amber, I don't wait until there's a lot of amber but I guess that's a matter of personal preference.
  12. Nice amber trichomes on that last pic ! Heres how my shots come out with the S8.
    20190529_103451.jpg 20190529_103444.jpg 20190526_213312.jpg

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  13. You judge by the curled back pistils?
  14. When looking at photos of colas I judge by the percentage of dried pistils I see and how the fan and sugar leaves look. When looking with magnification I go by trich color.
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  15. I get my phone camera as close to the bud as possible while still being able to focus on it without using any zoom. Then I take a picture and zoom in on the pic to see the details.
  16. (Throws cell phone out window)
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  17. lol step your phone game up bro!!! get on that samsung wagon!!
  18. I've heard this too but I am confused. They say, to harvest at THC peak is when the trichs are cloudy. The CBD peak is when the trichs are amber.

    It makes me think, what have I been buying. Am I smoking THC peak bud, CBD peak bud or 50/50 peak bud. Makes me think, what is the THC high, what is the CBD high? I've been smoking over ten years and my brain can't distinguish what type of high during consumption. I'm just asking a question, not attacking you.
  19. There is literature that says that when the hairs are white it is more for THC, when the pistils are red and curled back, it's a good indication that the end is near (CBD peak). There have to be 500 pages that teach us how to grow. There is a lot of information out there. The best way is to go on eBay, get a 30x 60x magnifying glass with the LEDs. That is a good and cheap way (7.95 US) to determine where your lady is at. A good thing to do is to think about how we have only been on this earth at most 100 years. Weed didn't come here during our generation. It's been here for thousands of years. The first people didn't have the internet, they did not have nutrients, nor did they have a trichome microscope; they still got high. Growing is trial and error. When we have our plant and come online, we have expectations that we are going to get the biggest buds; but as a new comer, it takes trial and error that no internet or user will teach you.

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