are they ok?

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  1. i had to move them inside due to how much stress they were going through outdoors, they have improved a lot, the brown spots from before have gone away for now..

    a friend provided me with some grow lights, im pretty sure they are cfl's..(still need to learn more about lighting).

    if im not mistaken i think they plants are not close enough to the lights?
    i am aware of the fact that they have stretched a little.

    the odd dual fan is temporary...not sure what else to say for right now.

    oh i havent started adding any nutes ..should i ?
    ive been watering only after the soil dries completely but before the leaves begin to wilt.

    airing out the soil with poking holes in the soil ever watering so to provide more oxygen to the roots (let me know if this is worth doing).

    im doing all that i can and using everything i know about plants.

    they are about 3-4 weeks old, (the biggest ones).
    (the sprouts are about 2 days old they have stretched quite a bit...)
    (the two seemingly empty dirt filled pots have 1 bag seed each from some medical grade herb my friend gave me for shits and giggles).

    correct me if im wrong..
    im thinking of transplanting \ based on root growth/fill . and overall size of plants.

    not sure what else to say so far.

    let me know how i am doing.
    criticize as much as you can please, im learning and want to improve.
    very determined.

    (sorry for how unorganized this post is ive been going on another binge with eating mushies and tabs lately so ive been all over the place)

    side view:


    above view:

  2. theyre going to stretch badly imo you should put them outside
  3. stretch due to light or stress??
  4. Light..........
  5. lack of light .they dont need transplanted jus yet.I'd put em back outside.

  6. i asked because plants stretch sometimes under stress...

    yeah im bringin them outside in 3 days or so storms have been coming out of nowhere.

    thank you.

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