Are they looking good?

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    Hey Guys
    Are they looking good?
    They are 2/3 weeks old
    Spot gets windy...
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    Sensi Star:
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    Frisian Dew
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    This ones Got hurt after one transplant, they were in the same pots, so roots damaged and showed some sympthoms
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    Today I sprayed them with neem and also gave them this solution ( it's not food): 
    Help em guys

  2. little bump
  3. They look small for 2-3 weeks. What kind of soil are you using? How much sunlight are they getting daily? And why did you spray with neem? Are you having pest issues?
  4. Why are they so tall and not filled out .. I don't think your getting enough light to them at all.. It looks to like you sprayed them with some kind of nutes and got nute burn on them .. More light!!!!!!!

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  5. Yeah, there is quite a few problems, they are already 3 weeks old and are only that big and are looking pretty rough my friend
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    I Don't really know.
    The plants that are on my gf house, grow faster than these ones and they have less sunlight
    This ones get about 14/15 direct sun light.
    But the last week there is few sun overhere...
    The marks on them was because of the transplant ( 3 of them), they were 4 plants on the same pot, 1 went good, the others had the roots together, so that happened after transplant, i think is root damage...
    Here at GC one guy told me to spray them one time a month to prevent anykind of pest...
    Soil: they started directly outdoors on Light mix biobizz.
    Transplanted them all to All mix biobizz , two days ago
    Didn't gave them any nutes...
    Just today the root solution and sprayed with neem
    One thing that i noticed is that all the plants that i transplanted and had damage, the  bottom leafs were too "flexible", the wind could twist them...
    EDIT: The last days they have been getting a lot of wind, they even bend over the wind.
    Should I get them in a transparent plastic box with drilled holes?
    They are near a tree to not overheat the soil but i can put them on the open field...
  7. Hi Portuguese :)
    Portuguese here too :) ;)
    I'm making my first attempt to grow some BigBud!
    I don't have much advice to give because i'm just starting too... 
    my plants sprouted from the soil on 06/06 and have now 2 weeks ;) (my profile pic is one of them, taken yesterday)
    i'm using light mix from BioBizz as I've read the all mix is a little strong for new plants...
    mine are also under the sun, but normally behind a window :) today they were outside to catch some sun and toughen a little with the wind  :p
    Preparing a grow tent with HID and ventilation for when they start vegging or flowering  depending on the sun we get the next few weeks :)
    Good luck with your grow!!
    smoke  :bongin:  :D  :metal:
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    Glad to not be the only portuguese at Grasscity  :metal:
    Yeah, light mix is easy to obtain here in portugal, at least for me. My babys sprouted about 1 week less than yours ahah. 
    Let's hope the sun help us on the next weeks.
    Advice: Nas ultimas semanas de sol que houve há pouco tempo queimaram-se algumas minhas por a terra ter ficado demasiado quente, quando deres aguas, assegura-te que vai mantelas humidas o dia inteiro ( se estiverem outdoor)
    EDIT: yeah all mix is a little stronger, that is why i started on light mix  :yummy:
    Today I even took a picture of the field.
    It can't be light, they have plenty, the surroundigs are even dry...
    They are near that tree with the red "square"
    View attachment 119221
    Frisian Update:
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    View attachment 119220

  10. thanks for the advice ;)
    mine are potted and i only put it outside when there is some sun and always keep an eye on the soil temp :)
    mine are still small because of the lack of sunlight in the past weeks :confused_2:  but this is just the first time so i'm still trying to adjust everything :rolleyes:
    sorry for the big pics... will make it smaller next time... apenas para ilustrar melhor o que escrevi ;)
    Beatiful line :D
    Wish my were like this when they started  ;)

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