are they healthy?

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    3 weeks old are they healthy and good size for their age the plant on top is in 3 gallons grow bag transplanted to it 3 days ago its about 60-65 degrees and plant on bottom is in smaller pot and is autoflower i believe and inside

  2. I'm no expert, but they look nice and green and healthy and happy to me.  Someone might mention them being a little "stretched", but again, I am no expert.
  3. the top one probably is the one stretched but besides that for an autoflower and stuff does it look normal size
  4. Not sure where your pics went.  Again with the disclaimer that I am not an expert.  Don't over complicate it.  The plants should tell you if they are not healthy.  Your pics looked good, and unless someone grew the same strain, and you provided measurements, it would be hard to tell if they are the right height.
    Your temp may be a little low, and they may grow slower because of that.

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