Are they done yet?

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Ready to harvest

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  1. Yes! Harvest those sweet, sweet flowers.

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  2. No! You fool! Be patient!

  1. Okay first time Grower here and I don't know that much about anything really. This is my first time I've actually got a seed to sprout and turn into a mature plant. My question is, are these done yet? are they ready to harvest? 20200617_013152.jpg 20200617_013145.jpg 20200617_013152.jpg 20200617_013145.jpg if not about how much longer do you think it will take?

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  2. No, they look like they've for some time left. Jist ny pistils alone, you've got a couple weeks I'd guess. How long have they been flowering? As I'm sure you've read, the only way to be sure about bud maturity is to inspect the trichomes.
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  3. They been flowering for about 55 days +/- a day or 2. The package said 55-65 days of flowering. But when I first started this grow I only had a 150 watt cob, I ran that for a few weeks (just vegitative growth) now I have that and a 1800w led and they really responded well to that. I have 3 critical purple autos that just poked their little "heads" out of the soil. Want to try to have a perpetual harvest going. I'm sick of spending $ on it every month so I decided to grow my own. 1st attempt at a :real" grow.
    I have a magnifying glass. If I take some close ups can you be more certain, not doubting your experience or intelligence by any means just maybe a closer look would help.
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  4. Oh and thank you for taking your time to reply to my questions. This is one community that I am proud to be a part of.
  5. 11 days from today would be best quality
  6. The recommendations on the package are just an estimate, assuming perfect growing conditions. Usually add a week or two to ballpark it. But, yes post pics of the trichomes and we'll take a peek!
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  7. I agree with everyone else, not quite there yet. Also I adjusted my own count back 1 week. I was counting from when I flipped to 12/12. You need to add 1 week to account for transition or you may be too early.
  8. Wait.... you used 12/12 on autoflowers?I will post the trics when I get home later today.
  9. You're probably the closest to the harvest timeline. This is just 4 days after my initial images uploaded...

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  10. Did that reveg?

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  11. I'm not sure I have had no problems with lights going off or anything like that. I just added the last round of nutes the day I sent the first pics and accidentally gave it too much. I dont know much about growing yet but they seem pretty good to me. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  12. Hey man, just realized that they're auto flowers. They can't be reveg'd .
  13. So..... what's that mean? Depending on what you were trying to say. I assumed you were commenting on the explosive growth of the fan/sugar leaves in the 3-4 day gap in between pictures. Am I correct on my assumption?

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