Are they done yet?

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  1. Ok these two have been flowering for 61 days. That's from the switch to 12/12.. showed first pistal one week later.
    Been having issues with my temps going up to 84-85 during the day. No C°2 Hope that's not hurting them.ive checked trichomes and there cloudy with some amber and some clear. But lots of amber on the tips of the colas. But what you all think. Are they ready for the chop. Any help would be great. Thank you.

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  2. Another picture

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  3. They look done to me, maybe start flush if u haven’t. Check out the trichome on the lower buds and see how they compare to top ones. Maybe harvest top ones first and let lower go a bit longer if needed
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  4. Didnt know I can harvest in sections. Some clear toward the bottom. Someone also told me they continue to change after harves . Not sure if that's true or not. But I appreciate your quick reply. And I'll do that
  5. I’ve seen a few ppl take top first then finish lower later. I’m to impatient for all that lmao. also heard about them changing after harvest(trichomes).. I’ve never checked after the dry/cure.
  6. can you zoom in more on the plants with the brown hairs ? looking at them there not done yet again i need another picture . pull early then reduced yield and strength and the buzz may only last a few minutes and get that headache later or a bitching wife then you get a headache even worse . just because you pulled them a bit early

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