are these worth keeping

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  1. DC0652B2-33DA-409F-AC7A-891B8915E95C.jpeg B1C72303-3BD7-4E50-96F6-6D65FB04AF78.jpeg 72A18616-C2E0-4C5E-816F-0050EA14B4FA.jpeg 9F23F1B8-BF56-4094-B6D0-D37721513A1C.jpeg 1AAFC157-0D13-4314-81A3-62371316DB3F.jpeg 874A3AE8-B663-4C56-BC13-A47806B12C15.jpeg 2F749376-D1FD-4BE7-843E-F681B3AA4301.jpeg E7E3DF90-7596-436E-B174-4167E2044C98.jpeg F8E04A1D-9F0E-4593-A879-03AC5AEA65C0.jpeg E2D8ECD8-8EBD-4228-822D-47C24659E75D.jpeg I harvested my three plants two weeks too early due to circumstances and this is the results are they even worth smoking they have had a weeks use through them and have an alright amount of crystal this is my first grow so I don’t really know too much to be honest like are all the dark green leaves going to curl up and basically fall off or will i need to cut them off when they are dried a bit more and also how long do you think these will take to dry and does this look like a bad yields for three plants sorry for the twenty questions
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  2. you can cut off the leaves before or after you dry. it usually takes about 3 days to dry, if they're in the right environment i can't say if the yields bad without knowing how long you were in veg/flower for. don't judge it by the looks, smoke it and see how it makes you feel.
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  3. For sure keep that and see how it smokes. I think you did a fantastic job. Hope you can hang in next time till the finish. Stuff happens though and I've had to harvest early, too. I processed all the cannabis to tincture to put what goodness there was in a small package.
  4. After it dries break it all of the stems and use Tweezers and mini scissors to get as much leaf as u can off it before ya toss it in jars. Remember the trichomes will age with a long cure. Last time I harvested early I did a 2 month cure and the high was fine. Smoke tasted and felt like a organic grow so smooth no caughing and taste like mint/pine.
  5. harvest early to do a two month cure :s seems pointless. ur pics won't show but check trichs up close.

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  6. I didn’t want to chop early I had too. My buds dry in my house in 3 days so a long cure is always a must.

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