Are these type of ash catchers good?

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  1. So i bought a herb iron ash catcher to go with my syn tallboy I just ordered and was wondering if they are any good. I wanted something simple with a built in bowl and to produce little drag as possible.

  2. Yeah dude, my buddy had a Syn bong with a very similar ashcatcher on it. The only problem he had, and it broke the ashcatcher, was a bad balance of weight. When he had it sat on a table the ashcatcher was just too heavy and caused it to fall and it broke the ashcatcher.
    They work great though
  3. Ok thanks for the reply i just want leave the ashctacher on
  4. These are great ash catchers, but bad bubblers. They work best when you put the water below the stem line in the a/c. The water is in there to keep ashes from entering the bong, not for filtration. You'll get a wet bowl is you use it as a pre cooler ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391696394.699784.jpg
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    Ok thanks for the reply nice piece just ordered a syn. Do you think i should wait to use my bong until my ash catcher is here or go ahead and use my bong.
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    First post here but as far as that ash catchers go its not the best you can get for the money, best way to describe that as is a really fancy basic ash catcher meant for a fancy way to light your stuff.
    Its one of the most common designs for an ash catcher and offers only basic diffusion to the smoke since its just a basic single downstem, having a brand on there probably assures its quality glass with a strong weld on the arm to the bulb but that only makes it more accident proof which is silly to have for such a basic ash catcher when you can get em for like 10 bucks without the herb iron dents.
    The type of catcher it is is very basic, it gets the job done but there are many better ash catcher options out there.
  7. Only problem I've had with them(and it's a big problem ) was if there's any decent amount of water, inevitably a drop of water gets in the bowl and ruins it. I was able to get around this by sucking in air while placing the ash catcher back in the cradle. After explaining this to like 5 friends I just gave up using it around company. My stoner buds can't remember how to use it properly

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  8. Haha you wouldn't be able to wait if you tried. That'd be like opening an awesome Christmas present and the waiting to play with it!
  9. Yeah be careful of the water levels my China one floods the weed sometimes. Bitch to clean too
  10. I wish the built in bowl ashcatcher's had a carb. So much wasted smoke just chills in the ashcatcher

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  11. A carb would probably eliminate the problem of water getting in the bowl.
  12. how big this ash catcher is ?
    Heres a picture on my bong its not to big or small but i did get water in bowl idk how just happened.
  14. This. They work well, but they seem to break really easily.
  15. Like it's been said they can flood the bowl due to the change in pressure causing the water to get up into the weed :(

    I have this one for my bong that's very similar in style but uses a slide so you don't have to worry about the weed getting wet. It's locally made but I know I've seen similar ones on the net.


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