are these trichomes ever gonna turn amber?

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    Hi, I've got several growing outdoors, and the trichomes have been clear for maybe six weeks--gettin' anxious! are they ever going to turn amber? I started earlier than ever this year, and never have seen the trichomes turn amber, but it seems like it's taking forever. What makes them turn?

  2. Patience young grasshopper...

    They will turn.. what are u looking at them with? are u even close enough? still looks like the hairs have some redding to do.. so be patient maaaan. your so close. dont fuck it up now!

    Wait another week or so. remember its red hairs or 70-80% red hairs. soo research maybe a bit more and find out other ways to determine harvest as well.

    Nice looking plant and goodluck with the grow buddy.
  3. thanks, SBM. The neighbors are starting to complain about the "skunks" :eek:

    I have a 10x loupe for closer investigation, but they still look pretty clear to me.
  4. u can step up to like 20-30X like a jewelerly loupe. then u might see a little clearly it seems like there should be at least a little amber by this point. looks good
  5. yea just look around the plant. I meant amber trichs or 70-80% red hairs. haha.
  6. well, looking at this plant, what percentage red hairs would you say it has?
  7. looks about in that range of what he said. that means your plant is at OR near maturity. if u dont have a strong magnifying glass, u need to either get one or do the best u can without one. if u cant get one, since ur pistils look red u can look for new white pistils and if u dont see any fresh white ones then that means there arent any new calyxes forming. and when she puffs up and like gets real thick and fat. and really covered with trichs. thats a few indicators
  8. Hairs have NOTHING to do with the maturity of the crop. Just wait, they're gonna turn soon enough.

    Be patient.
  9. why do u say that?

  10. Amber means the THC is beginning to break down, you want to harvest when they're all milky ideally. At least if you're going for potency.
  11. well, the plants are definitely not producing more growth (eg, white hairs), not for several weeks now. Maybe I need to invest in a 30x loupe...
  12. I just use my camera. take macros and then check it out digitally. :)

    But the loup will last u forever. so once u have it. u will always be able to check out your trichs.
  13. hey hey! I finally saw a few amber trichomes--now my girls are hangin'
  14. Good shit yo!
  15. Sweet dude! we want pics! it was looking snazzzy :D
  16. nice man. pics? i would love to see an update
  17. Bet your all glad you helped him huh? Fuck em he thought while hanging his bales
  18. Nice man woot woot

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