Are these seeds beginning to grow or just buds thickening? *Pics*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420FLASmoka, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm curious, this plant has been flowering since 4/20, so a little over 5 weeks, and I noticed these little triangle looking things that almost look like a seed. Is this my worst fear?

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  2. i'm not sure what you mean by triangles??

    if you are talking about the calyxes that the pistils protrude out of then that's what you want

  3. I see what you're talking about. And it does look like little seeds forming, so your plant may have hermied. What's up with the leaves? They look spotted and kind of necrotic. If I were to venture a guess, I would say your plant hermied because of the stresses of a ph problem, or something else, maybe fertilizer burn? It's hard to see from those pics, but I'm certain something is not right.

  4. HIGH All, I agree with Sexy...something not right.

    From the looks of the single leaves it looks like your time is screwed looks like it's Re-Vegging...this will happen when your timer is broke or you don't use one and do it (on and O.F.F.F.) manualy.
  5. My light schedule is fine, I checked my timer today. The room is completely sealed, no light getting in at all.

    I flushed the soil of both plants today with 8.5 ph water, and retested the ph of both plants between 6.1-6.5. So hopefully I'll notice an improvement tomorrow...

    What color light is invisible to plants?
  6. Green light. Believe it or not ;) They also do look like theres some seeds forming there... you'll prolly get smokable bud, but if it's too seedy make some bangin hash!
  7. man i had a timer shit itszelf on me, didnt realise for 4 days. totally fkd my crop
  8. Yea, I just double checked my timer this morning, everything is functional. Probably hermied from the pH levels, which are testing between 6-7 now, so hopefully I did some damage control. I mean, seeds aren't going to take over my bud from this is it? I'll still get something to smoke I hope?
  9. Yeah, you'll probably end up with something to smoke. You'll just have to pick a thousand seeds out of it! hahahahaaha :eek: Hey, don't worry about it, I did it, everybody here that grows did it too. It just sucks to do. Anyway, let the seeds mature, and you'll have a bunch of seeds for your next grow, that are supposedly female. I don't know if that's true or not. I have some hermie plant seeds now, on my next batch I'll grow two of them and see if it works. Even though it was seedy, the pot was incredible and high producing so I hope that is true. My problem was a light leak that I underestimated, but that's been fixed. Make sure your plants are in absolute darkness when in 12/12!! Even a tiny bit of light screws things up, I assure you.
  10. Psh me growing bagseed my next grow? You kidding me? I already placed my order with the Attitude ;-)

    5 feminized seeds of Super Lemon Haze
    And Greenhouse Indica Mix E (Cheese, White Widow, Himilaya Gold, El Nino, Big Bang)

    Any comments on my strain selection?
  11. Sounds good! I order from them myself, I'm a fan of greenhouse seeds. But I will grow some bag seeds too if the original was good, chances are mine will be better. I have a plant now from some amazing pot from Vietnam, I have never seen buds like these, it's hard to describe. In the whole bag I only found 2 viable mature seeds! When you sprout 20+ at a time, seeds can really start to get expensive. The average is starting to be about $10 a piece, which is rape btw. If I lived in Amsterdam I would definitely sell seeds, jeez they are 50x more expensive than pot itself! I know people will argue with me about this, but I feel that how you grow it is more important than the strain itself. You can get the most expensive seeds in the world, and end up with garbage if you don't know what you're doing. Some of my biggest producing, stickiest, awesome plants were from bag seed.
  12. I was thinking the same thing! I mean, gram for gram, seeds are farrrr more expensive than bud, and I never realized it till I started growing lol. I've never grown anything other than this first bagseed grow, and I'll tell you I am amazed by how beautiful the buds from bagseed are. I mean I'm sure these $120 worth in seeds I ordered are going to look even more spectacular, but for how cheap these bagseed seeds were (free), that's what I call the best "bang for the buck".

    If any curious first time growers are reading this, GROW BAGSEED FIRST! It's a lot easier to accept mistakes from free seeds, and you definitely won't be disappointed with the outcome :)

    I appreciate ya help Staci, and will definitely keep that in mind when I get my next crop going. My next debacle is whether I should sprout all the seeds from this order in 1 grow, or stagger the grow as I'm planning on setting up a small clone/seedling/vegging area outta my CFL/T8 rig I have leftover from buying my HPS? I have a 400W HPS/MH in a 6.5'x3' grow space. What do you think? I want to maximize the yield from each seed, but at the same time want a good variety around harvest time, ya know?
  13. This is what I did when I only had a 400w hps. I kept four big flowering plants, because trying to grow anymore than 4 with a 400 is a waste. When the plants hit about 3 weeks into bloom and the buds are getting thick, plant your new crop to replace them. That will give you one full month to go from seed to veg. Usually at that point they start outgrowing the t-8's (I don't know about you, but things grow fast around here), at that point when I pull one finished plant, it immediately gets replaced with another, and so on. It's a good way to make sure you not only maximize your lighting, but to make sure things keep flowing like a good assembly line. It works for me still, just on a larger scale. But I still replace them one at a time, so there's always one drying, and one just about ready to go:)
  14. Word to all if u go to 12/12 to early what will happen to the plants
  15. lol, people it's not uncommon to see seed bags in sensimila plants, they do grow seed bags but u'll find no seed inside them
  16. Bagseed is exciting, awesome surprise

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