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  1. Hi, these plants are at 7 weeks of flowering with mostly cloudy trich's and starting to go amber. According to the trich pic charts I want to harvest when they are about half cloudy half amber, but the buds are still covered in white hairs. This is my first harvest so I'm not sure if the buds will swell around these hairs and cover them up or if it would just be wasting my time to wait and see.

  2. 7 weeks sounds a little bit early, i would give it 2 weeks and you should be perfect, give them a little time to turn more amber ish, the buds should be bulking up the most in these next 2 weeks
  3. alot of weight is put on in the last week(s). It will be worth it to wait the week or two..
  4. Thanks guys, I knew I needed a couple more days at least to get the amber trichromes, but I'll let it go for another week or two.
  5. seperate question

    im on my second grow and i went by the hairs on my 1st crop. i recently found this site and learned about the trichs.

    i am 6 weeks in flowering with orange kush (crush) i finally went to radio shack and got the recomended 100x scope and got to see them for the 1st time. the trichs already seem milky. there are some clear ones left to contrast the difference between them. i took a snip from a bud leaf off the biggest cola and a frosty mid bud leaf. both are about the same with a few clear trichs.

    i guess my question is... is it too early for milky trichs? maybe im seeing clear ones and its just a newb mistake?? i plan on taking a sample every few days and pay close attention and waiting patiently for the amber ones. just trying to reassure my finding the milky trichs. i thought they were only milky for a week or so before turning amber but i still have at least 2 weeks?? i do have alot of red pistols also.. early for that too??

    thanks in advance to any help!

  6. 9 weeks, Flush 1 week, with Unsulphured Black strap Molasses, So total 10 weeks, 11 week's, wont hurt.
  7. I need a link to, the photos;)

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