Are these ready for harvest

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  1. Kind of want to chop these down, curious if they are ready? Thanks

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  2. Not ready in my opinion, hairs are very white still
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    Not yet. The calyxes (structure from which the pistil protrudes, i.e. "hairs") haven't plumped yet. It's a little difficult to say from photos, but I'd give it another 7 to 10 days. The calyxes will swell considerably right before harvest, 50 or 60 % of the hairs should turn dark red, brown or purple and shrivel (not go limp, they just aren't full like the white and amber hairs in your photos). If you have a hand lens, you can also judge by the structure and color of the capitate trichomes ("crystals") on the surface of the leaf and bud. Prior to maturity, the globes at the tip of the trichomes will be barely larger in diameter than the stalks on which they are located, and will have a milky, translucent appearance. As harvest approaches, the resin glands (globes) will swell to several times the diameter of the stalk which contains them, and the resin therein will turn clear and transparent. I preferred to harvest when 40 to 50% of the glands transitioned from the clear transparent state to amber transparent. Some people prefer to wait longer, in that regard. The more trichomes turned amber, the further you are from peak terpenoid production, and the more you will transition pharmacological effects from "high" to "stoned" as the cannabinoid content shifts from delta 9 THC (or its carboxylated form) to other isomers of THC and increasing cannabidiol content. Ultimately, it all depends on YOUR preference for your product, not what others tell you you did wrong or should have done better. When you are new or newish to growing, the hardest thing to do is to wait the extra week or so that will result in a much improved product. Hope that is useful info. Happy times.
  4. Depending on the strain, harvest is usually eight to twelve weeks out from induction of flowering. Best to use a combination of the total time since induction plus the other signs and variables available to you to say when, exactly, you should harvest a given plant (which can vary considerably even within strain).
  5. Lastly, after looking at your photos again, I'd guess you're at about 6 weeks to 6 and 1/2 weeks out from induction, so you may have another 14 to 20 days to go. Just depends. Let me know how my guestimation of time since induction went, would you? It's been a long while since I was engaged in any horticulture. Sort of like riding a bike, in that regard.
  6. Not yet another 2 weeks watch when they swell up and hair are white
  7. Yes they will swell up a lot in the next two weeks. nice girls btw

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