Are these preflowers?

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  1. Are these prefloweres? I have the plants, all 2 of them, in 24/0 veg, they look nice, and have not had light disruption... are these preflowers (referring to the first 2 pics and last 2 pics) (the last 2 pics are the 2nd plant)







  2. Hard to tell from the camera shots. The first two look female to me, but it's difficult to me sure. Can't tell anything from the last two shots...
  3. heh, I know, they're just there cause i like em. idk why I have preflowers, if those are preflowers... I've been vegging 24/7
  4. That 2nd photo looks like male preflowers to me. According the Jorge Cervantes, you'll be able to tell at the 4th internode from the base and his pictures in his books (of male preflowers) look a lot like that 2nd shot.
  5. they are from the same plant. I hope this plant doesn't go hermie, though theres no stress really from any factors. I had a previous plant go hermie (yes for the disbelievers, balls and pistils galore

  6. Nah, normally with the males you have that little spike/green hair thing, then you get this little ball/pod thing underneath it. With the female you just get the spike and eventually a straight white hair emerges from it. My money's on female, but like I said can't be 100% from those pics.

    I think vegging in 24/7 light does odd things to plants. My plants have started showing sex (properly), and they've never had more than 3hrs darkness since they popped the soil. I wouldn't worry.
  7. too early to tell...all of the Mj plants have those spicky hair things.Once you see some white hairs comming from that area, then you know you got yourself a pretty little lady
  8. Yup I agree with whooligan, the pictures don't show any sex. You will have to wait and see. It might take a little longer for your plants to show sex and it hasn't even started alternating nodes, but when it does it will be pretty apperant male/female.
  9. That's three of us... Definetly too soon to tell.
  10. Meh. Well, I'll put a tenner on it turning out female - any takers?! :p
  11. thats just new growth mate
  12. No positive signs yet. My guess is going to be female though. Due to the stature of the plant, and for your sake of course :)
  13. i thought female from the pics. i've always thought those two little shoots going up at the node were female preflowers.

    i saw those on the plants that i grew, and i only grew out 4 females.

    nice looking plants herbs.
  14. No... thats just normal node growth... thats where the next "branches" will pop out... its too young to tell sex... thats just normal growth :)

  15. Yes, but that's not what we're looking at:

  16. Count me as number 6 on the 'too early to tell' team!
  17. yeah, thats on new node growth too, and its the only place those are showing. But I see that the rest is new growth.
  18. that's just one of the stipules... the claw-like things... they are on all marijuana plants at every node. there are no preflowers in any of those pics... those branches haven't even formed yet. preflowers are smaller than those stipules and they come out to the side of the stipule between the main stem of the plant and the stem of the the branch coming out. if you had any preflowers they'd be below that point at a node where there are actual branches.

    Okay, here we go. Lots of copy and paste below. Note that the first pictures are very developed preflowers... they will appear much smaller before this, and they are hard to tell apart when they are so small without using something for magnification to get a closer look.

    Copy and paste

    Preflowers, as opposed to full blown flowers, generally appear after the fourth week of vegetative growth from seed. Check carefully above the fourth node. Please note that preflowers are very small and and almost impossible to differentiate without magnification. A photographer's 10x loupe is handy indeed when examining preflowers.

    As the images below demonstrate, the female preflower is pear shaped and produces a pair of pistils. Frequently, the female preflowers do not show pistils until well after the preflowers have emerged. Thus, don't yank a plant because it has no pistils. Pistillate preflowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch.

    Also, some female preflowers never produce pistils. A female preflower without pistils is difficult to distinguish from a male preflower. Thus, hermaphodite issues should not be resolved by the appearance of preflowers, without pistils, on a plant otherwise believed to be a female.

    Female (pistillate)


    Image courtesy of MrIto

    Female (pistillate)

    Image courtesy of Uncle Ben

    The male preflower may be described as a "ball on a stick." However, its most recognizable feature is its absence of pistils. Sometimes, a male plant will develop mature staminate flowers after prolonged periods of vegetative growth. These appear in clusters around the nodes.

    The following image shows a male plant in early flowering. Staminate flowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch.

    Male (staminate)


    Image courtesy of PLAYn

    Image courtesy of PsycoXul

    Note: The plant parts marked with an "X" are called "stipules", they appear on both male and female plants.

    This diagram shows the difference (on a slightly more mature plant) between genuine pre-flowers and actual bud sites, which are - in fact different animals altogether.

    From a further distance, but quite clear-cut.
    I know how it is for some of the newer growers who are eagerly anticipating their first view of an actual marijuana flower. Well, this is what it looks like, play your cards right and you'll have thousands of these hairs clumped tightly together and covered in crystals that will smell so nice. Don't worry, it's coming.

    Identifying a true preflower is way to tell sex before 12/12. That way you can take clones from the known females without wasting the time and space on males.

    (Kifit) "do not try to sex a seedling based on the very first preflower you see with a 25x times microscope.....wait and make sure. The time between using a 25x to spot the very first preflower sex and the plant dropping pollen is at least 10+ days away and so it's safe."

    "It's best to cull a male only after you are 101% sure - when you see 2 or 3 (or more) immature male flowers bunched together on the internodes or the top growing tip - this is a male, for sure, females preflowers have white " spears " that appear in a vee. ..but "every now and then a sexually indistinguishable flower appears" (Ed Rosenthal)

    After a few weeks in veg, plants will begin to show their sex. Usually the males show first. The male preflower is a miniscule ball. It appears that there is a small piece of foliage that covers the ball and protrudes outward when the male preflowers first appear.

    The following pics show MALE preflowers the FIRST day they show their future pollen distribution centers.

    Many times preflowers will appear at the fourth or fifth node, whereas the plant is on the 7th or 8th node. These preflowers usually don't develop into full flowers, but are only an indicator of the plants sex.

    <TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR align=middle><TD>

    [​IMG]Female on left, male on right. Im only certain about the sex cause I watched them several more days. 25X magnification.

    Image credit to: FOAF
  19. cdamn dude + rep
  20. arseface and thefxckinghero pointed out what i was talking about earlier.

    the two things that look like blades of grass. they almost make an x with eachother in hero's pic.

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