Are these plants hermie? I don't want the banana.

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What was the reason for hermie?

  1. It's not a hermie

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  2. Humidity > 70% consistently in flowering

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  3. Temperature shifts 18C to 30 C

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  4. Light stress 8" to 12" light.

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  1. Pic 1: Plant One OG KUSH Auto
    Pic 2: OG Kush Auto

    This batch of seeds received the following problems:

    No Cal mag for first 6 weeks but used other general hydroponics nutrients; micro, gro,bloom with coco coir.. Vegged slowly and then flowering very slowly. I am at day 80 but the average of this strain is around 70 days.

    Temperatures range from 18 C to 30 C from night to day.

    Lights were 24/7 until week 8 which i turned to 18/6.
    Lights are about 8 to 12 inches apart from plants, HPS/MH; currently MH. 250 W

    Humidity has been a big issue. I can't get it down below 70% with current environment's temperatures.

    I have the following dehumidifers.


    I don't really understand why it's still humid. These humidifers dry out all the soil within a day in the 5 gallon pots.

    I have a 4 inch fan and ventilation with a carbon filter.

    Did the humidity cause this problem? Is it light stress? Lack of Cal mag?

    Any opinions?
  2. ive never had a humidity issue but usually male balls grow in clusters and they would of showed up earlier usually but because it is an auto it could very well be hermie just watch it
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  3. can you circle what you think is a herm? Buy a new hygrometer and see if they read the same, also your hyg. may need to be calibrated. I don't immediately notice any herm there, and a banana late in is no reason to panic, mostly male herms or lots of pollen sacs early on are the ones to cull on sight
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  5. those are normal calyxes as far as I can tell, IME the bananas will emerge from inside a calyx. The plant should have one or two of those normal calyxes at just about every node. A herm banana will be very yellow compared to the surrounding calyx
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  6. preflower kalyx

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