are these mushrooms ok to eat???

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]i found these mushrooms at a farm around a tree with no shit around it are they ok to eat???[​IMG]
  2. if u just found those i wouldnt eat them
  3. probably not but maybe ask the shroomery
  4. this is GRASSCITY not SHROOMCITY haha idk go to or net or org dunno which one but i know they can help you.
  5. Well, if they grew outside..they more than likely wont be shrooms..but, ask Shroomery
  6. no dude dont eat those, im almost 100% positive they are ones youd want consume
  7. Yeah man, those are good eats.

    They'll fuck you up good :hello:
  8. I can see the headline now:

    "Man dies of poisonous mushrooms while trying to get high- marijuana blamed"
  9. phhh more like

    "Man dies of poisonious mushrooms - ignorance blamed"
  10. Do Not Eat Any Mushroom You Do Not Know About!!!!!
    In had a cousin that almost died from this. Doctor asked him to make a will.
    Get an expert to help.
  11. do not eat those.

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