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Are these micro seeds smokable? (pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Billy Mays, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Got some pretty frosty nugs, but lately I've been finding seeds in my dank, which isn't something I've heard alot about. Anyways, how does this look? this is after I picked out most of the for sure good shit, but its sad seeing those teeny seeds. I think I accidentally had a few in my bowl and it didn't give me a headache or anything.


  2. I would scrape off the crystals into a collection plate or something... I wouldn't smoke em just because how seeds crackle.
  3. Scare the crystals off of those... Wow, you really want it...

    I'd say it's fine to smoke them, you're lucky to even have noticed them.
    Also, if you say it didn't give you any headache, which I'm not surprised, I'm sure it's going to be fine, it's not like it's that bad anyway.

  4. i wouldnt smoke the seeds due to the fact your packed bowl could pop out. you could crush up your seed to smoke it
  5. Seeds have no THC and are not worth smoking. That being said, a few tiny immature seeds won't hurt anything.
  6. i dont even see a seed in there???
  7. It's the little guy with a whole in it, not a full blown seed

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