Are these insect eggs?

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  1. I was hoping they were lady bug eggs but it doesn't look like it after a lot of research.
    I took the close up with a 60x. It's as clear as I can get it. When I look with my 100x they remind me of orange fish eggs.
    My ladies look amazing though I am
    Battling leafhoppers. There are also cucumber beetles and white moths. (I am spraying BT as preventative from caterpillars and just got 2 bug zappers for the moths.
    I am beginning to see parasitic wasps and what I believe to be a predator fly. Along with quite a few ladybugs.
    In the meantime, this is the 2nd time I've found this orange cluster.

    As I was posting, I looked down and saw a dead ladybug on the ground. I probably brought it in from the garden. (I put it on the leaf for ladybug/egg size comparison). Perhaps this is a sign from the Ganga goddess! Lol maybe I should take this leaf/eggs right back outside.
    Anyways, Anyone know what these eggs really are?

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  2. Ladybug shit.

  3. Too small for ladybird eggs or aphid eggs. If you are concerned simply remove the leaf and place it safely elsewhere away from your grow.
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  4. I removed it right away...
    Wondered about a fungus or something but I dunno...
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  5. Definitely not a fungus. Fungus are usually muted in colour and uniform.

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