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  1. About 5 weeks since germination (6 weeks since planting). Outside full sun and H2O. Soil ph is around 6.0

    They seem pretty little to me. Any thoughts about what to do? Fertilizer perhaps? Check P levels?

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  2. well i'm no professional MJ grower..i'm only on my second grow,but i do know this...1 seed,and 1 seed only per container otherwise the roots can crowd each other and kill each other off. that container looks rather small for 1 seed not 4.

    if i were you i would transplant 3 of them into different containers,and if you must use that container i would leave 1 in there,but center it in that container.

    some questions i'm sure others will ask:

    what type of soil is it?..i hope its not from your garden..potting soil works better it has much better drainage.

    whats your watering cycle?

    what type of lights are you using?

    on my second grow i started some bag seeds under a 400w MH until flowering now i'm using a 400w HPS for only 2 plants,and they look great!
  3. Don't fert em right now. Separate and transplant into their own personal containers. Give em a while to establish in their new homes before using ferts.

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