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Are these good bowls?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Go to and click on the glass pipes section.

    Do you think these are quality bowls that are worth buying? Also, do you think it is a reliable site to use a credit card on? I'm planning on getting one of these as my first smoking device other than joints.

    Feel free to recommend which one I should get :p
  2. :gc_rocks:

    sorry man, GC is better :D
  3. Fuck all you hoes, get a grip mothafucka.:cool:
  4. Ive ordered from them, and they are legit. I used a debit card and everything. Nice discrete packaging and all. However it did take them a while to ship my order, mostly due to them going through some expanding and whatnot. Its a pretty good shop..... but not as good as GC of course ;)
  5. I just bought from them, I used my debit card as well... it took them 2 days to ship and 2 days to arrive once it shipped, discreet and secure packaging, bubble wrap and packing peanuts lol. The pipe was not the one pictured, but it was great none the less, good quality glass. Im going to order from them again, i just wont have my heart set on whats in the picture lol...
  6. it was all a dream, i used to read word up magazine!

  7. salt 'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine

  8. Hangin' pictures on my wall.
  9. hahahahah you didnt get the bong you ordered? thats fucking ridiculous, man!

  10. Agreed WTF is that, why order again, fuck that place they suck seriously dont buy from them. My first order with them went fine but it took 4 weeks to ship. My second order they sent me the wrong pipes, kinda close but nothing like the picture. I emailed, called, they never responded and the VM couldnt take new messages cause they have so many. Poor comm and you dont get what you pay for. Bad deal all around.
  11. I would order from them again merely because its kind of like playing russian roulette. Who knows what ill get lol... its cheap enought that every once in a while ill order and see what i get haha. just for the lulz

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