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Are these experiences the norm?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 34st, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I've only been smoking for a few months. I smoke about twice a week. I have a glass piece.

    My high goes like this:

    First, when the high first hits me I forget what I'm doing and then my tongue begins to numb. I feel like I am sleeping on the couch when rather I'm walking around and doing whatever. I also notice my breathing begin to sound louder than usual. My sight also becomes completely different. I would almost want to say that things look more bulgy? As my mouth begins to dry, my stomach gets really warm as I breathe and I feel like I'm a dragon lol. Also, I would just like to sit down and enjoy the experience/think while high. I don't laugh or talk very much while stoned like other people I know.

    Is this normal? Any similar experiences? Thank you!
  2. Different strokes for different folks. Your nuts.
  3. everyone experiences a different high. from what i know, you sound normal.
  4. Normal for a dragon, I would assume.:cool:
  5. yup normal for a dragon.

  6. Repped lol.
    PS Lucky ass Collie medical abilities. I wish med was legal in NY :(

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