Are these dead? Updated Pics inside....

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    Seeing as I cant have this post deleted, Ill use it as an example for others of what not to do....

    I have a small box, probably only good for 1 or 2 plants, 6 CFL's abount 4-6' away from top of plant.

    These are 3.5 weeks old.(pics in next reply)

    Temps range from 65-85 degrees, but due to really freaky cold spell, weather is super dry, so RH in the grow box for last 10 days has been under 20%.

    That plus a little nute wash in the 3rd week started to kill them, and now i think they are pretty much done, they just get worse every day.

    These were from seed, in soil in a solo cup.

    Lessons learned: plant the seedling in a clean medium and just add regular PH'd water, and do nothing else until you have at least 3 or 4 healthy nodes. Buy a small humidifier / de-humidifier to keep RH in the 40-50 range for seedlings / veg.
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  3. i feel for you in a similar boat, hope we can get the answers we need :)
  4. Hi guys. Juat try and keep temp arounf 72^ and good humidity . Mist regular wi water if possible. Like ya sed... only give ph water only love. Siol av enough nutes in for 4 weeks or so. If give em any thing only give a small dise off root stim as helps roots grow and helps wi shock. Example shock from heat changes etc. Gi mulizyme about 3 week old wen strong as this turns bad shit in siol into good shit ya plants cab absorb. ( sumthing like that anywayz). Only gi small amounts or half dise of stim and mulizyme.. do not give feed at all . Not for weeks any way. Ph yr water and give at room temp so not to shock wi cold plus sime trace emements and elements from out of siol cant work at liw water temp. Hope this helps. Oh dont over water either . I hope it goes well love as i no from going seeds and doing clines for yrs it is heart breaking wen something goes wrong. I ad similar prob wen after 5yrs i switched to coco from siol. I never ad as much worry wi some jack herer seeds as i did wi coco.. ya will get there love. Let me no how ya go xxx
  5. hey same thing happened to me. I ended flushing soil and kept them under cfls and they grow fine! if there is green they will photosynthesize

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  7. I flushed with plain 6.5 ph water tinight, but my run off is 7.5..added lemon juice to balance and flushed heavily..will update pics next week to see if there is any meaningful progress..thanks to all for your help and guidance!!
  8. heres an update: flushed with 3x volume of cup for each, bottom leaves dried up completely, so I trimmed them so the plant would not work to fix those..not better, but not worse? Tips on next level are still browning. Am thinking to add nutes but am nervous, should do another flush this weekend, they look like they are barely hanging on..

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  9. Do not add nutes!

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  10. I've had plants survive in plain water for a couple of months... Less is more!!!

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