Are these buds ready for harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by hydromax, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I need to know if these buds look ready to harvest someone please help. First grow



  2. Does not look like it. Close but not yet.
  3. Check out Rumpleforeskins sticky on bud maturity/harvesting/drying. He lays it out very well and even has pictures to compare.
  4. No hell no man, far from it. Still needs another 4 weeks or so from the look of it.
  5. Yeah not yet. You should start seeing at least one or two ambers by the time it's ready. Also looks like the bud has some swelling up to do. Those hairs should get sucked up by bud around completion too.
  6. this is gonna be the 7th week of flower i cant let it go another 4 weeks, and thanks everyone else for your help i will let them go longer
  7. Buds take between 8 and 12 weeks to flower typically. Make sure you wait until all the hairs get drawn back in or else your quality will be severely affected. You have waited this long an extra month to get it right should be no problem.
  8. Definitely more time on that. I wouldn't even start flushing that yet and I flush 14-21 days, wait till all the pistils are brown and the calyx is swallowing it.


    Obviously a different strain, but that is mature. It looked more mature on the plant, but dries and shows more pistil
  9. Okk then goddamnit lol not the news i wanted. I want to harvest. This is my first. Anyother steps i should take before i do?
  10. [quote name='"hydromax"']Okk then goddamnit lol not the news i wanted. I want to harvest. This is my first. Anyother steps i should take before i do?[/quote]

    If you're super super anxious you can chop a branch or two. :) wait for the rest to fully mature.
  11. You can let them go as long as they need, if you want potent herb. If your forced to cut soon due to weather, sadly they are not nearly done. The hairs should nearly all brown and begin to recede into fat buds, and the trichomes will become much more opaque. Ambers appear as an indicator of the start of "couch locky" highs; if you like couchlock, and the effects of cbd's, let it go until much more ambers pop up.
  12. No weather is not a issue they are indoors hydro grown. Im gonna let them longer means im gonna need to get more nutes. I love couch lock so they are going for a few more weeks.
  13. 7 weeks from the light switch or 7 weeks of actual flowering?
  14. Since the light switch.
  15. they need more time any idea what strain that is or was it bag seed?
  16. Ok, so then your plants arent actually 7 weeks into flowering. Id say theyre somewhere around ~5 weeks. Hopefully your able to finish them or as least come close to it. Good luck and happy growing :)
  17. [quote name='"hydromax"']Since the light switch.[/quote]

    I think most people count flowering days from the day you see signs of sex. So if it took your girl a week to show she was a lady then you would be week 6 of flowering. If you get this confused you could lose some prime potency and yield. ;) also remember that the trichs will still turn amber during your cure. So id go for about a 50/50 ish cloudy/amber. :p
  18. Okk good to know. I have one strain black domina and another that is sour desil.
  19. [quote name='"hydromax"']Okk good to know. I have one strain black domina and another that is sour desil.[/quote]

    Oooooo weeee! Thats a nice line up. Heavy indica along side an alltime favorite sativa. Keep the sativa more cloudy than amber. About 70/30 so you can still get that body stone you like. ;)
  20. i don't care much for black domina..has a pepery

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