Are these bad parents or cool parents???

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Apr 28, 2004.


Are these bad parents or cool parents???

  1. Bad Parents

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  1. bad p's.....what is the about? like what is on it...
  2. imma let my kids find out they'selves.....and when they ask me about pot, imma tell them the truth.....hopefully they ask before the government propaganda gets to their heads.....but ay'ways, they aint bad parents, they just really really stupid.......and bad parents........
  3. dumbass parents,if they wanna do it when there lik 12 or 14 then thats 1 thing,but when they r 2 yrs. old thats just wrong and they need the shit kicked outta them
  4. Definetly bad parents. I remember back when i was like 13 or something, my mom asked me if i ever smoked weed. Of course, i told her no (which was a lie) But then she told me if i ever was interested in trying it, go to her and she would let me try it with her. The reason she told me this was because she knew that it was the age where kids started smoking mj, and she wanted to make sure i didn't get any thing that was laced, or get caught with it or anything. I guess you could consider that good parenting. I mean it's not like she forced me to do it. She was just looking out for me, i guess?
  5. Damn... giving a 2 year old kid any drug is retarded. Stupid parents (hence bad). If you're gonna give them some, wait until they're at least 17...
    If they start smoking on their own before that, sure try to keep them on the straight and narrow even though they won't understand why you get to smoke and they can't and they call you a hypocrit... but it's for their own good. When they're 17 they can do it, not in 'our' house, but they can. When they turn 18 they can smoke wherever they please, including in the house.
    They should know not to abuse it, because that doesn't lead anywhere people want to be. Do it all you want, 20 times a day, but it shouldn't interfere with your dreams or you job, or anything important to you.

    That's how I see it anyways...

    But damn.... 2!!!! weirdos

  6. I did the same thing with my sister when she turned 13. She smokes every once in a while, but hardly ever. I'm just glad her first time was fun and safe, with me, and not some crazy middle school kid who could be trying to get down her pants or something.

    But 2 is just waaaaaaay tooo young. When my kid is born, we're not even going to mention marijuana until either he/she asks us or he/she turns 13-14.
  7. i bet u the wife and husband are brother and sister.......
  8. those are the type of people that give potsmokers a bad name. Im not sure they should even be allowed to smoke.
  9. i dunno if anyone read to the end, but they got their house robbed while they were in jail. Prolly their parents since they knew they were in lockup. God bless dem hicks


  10. jesus, 2 years old is waay too young. those 2 parents should get the shit kicked out of them
  11. Do they realize they just ruined their kids life?

    WHen you give a 2 year old a joint to smoke, no judge is going to give him back to them. Being in the system isnt good for kids.

    Horrible parents.
  12. ok, who is the wise ass that voted 'cool"???

  13. ^^^

    Wasn't me.

    That's definately poor parenting. Like everyone else said, its one thing if you already know they smoke, or have a feeling they will, to bring it up, but to force a two year old to smoke is careless.

    And Namynam, you're absolutely right. Those parents just ruined that kids life. However, I'd imagine being adopted and raised by caring parents would be better than being raised by that couple.
  14. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad parents!!!

    i aint gonna force any drugs on my kids (pending me choosing to have kids), nor am i gonna sit back and watch the gov tell them whats right and wrong, i will openly tell them that i toke but make sure they are not just following their crazy dads example, erowid will be a lifesaver if its still floating about when they reach the age of experimentalness
  15. It reminds me. Me and my mate were just sitting on this random bench in our village and havin a cig and we were thinking about kids and the like. And we started talking about how funny it would be to hotbox the car on the way to school and again on the way back XD.

    But yea. in all seriousness these people are sick fucks, im never gunna acctually smoke my kids out until there atleast 14 (or when i think they can handle it .. maby about 13 maby 17) but im NEVER gunna let them belive the shitty propaganda.
  16. thats some sick shit... and ontop of that they took pictures and dropped the film off to be developed? thats a triple dumb-fuck :smoke:
  17. there shouldn't even be a poll to determine if it's bad parenting or not

    those people are fucking morons who should have not been allowed to reproduce in the first place
  18. :smoke: Can i just say, ugly ass folk.
  19. they aren't bad parents for introducing weed to their kid. they are bad parents for introducing it to him at 2 years old. even then, parents shouldn't force it on their kids/necessarily encourage it. there are less subtle ways to influence smoking...

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