Are these 2 girls?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by circle42, May 9, 2011.

  1. Just quick help if any one see's anything yet?

    I'm getting ready to head back to my home town for summer work, but my "girls" will be staying in my rented house down here. If they are ready I would like to switch them to flowering so i can harvest by the end of summer. If they aren't ready can I flower them now anyways?

    Will the summer months be long enough for full flowering to take place.

    & just so everyone knows, this is a small grown for personal use only. I really just started because i had some seeds out of some good looking nuggiez and wanted to learn the process, so this is not professionally being done lol

    Thanks for any info this leads to, and if these are females then :smoke:

  2. looks promising. need better shots of the private parts!

  3. I will try and get some better shots, i have a shotty point and shoot camera so we'll see what i can get after my final today
  4. Looks like a female, Better shots & we will know forsure :D
  5. I think I saw a vagina!
  6. circle42,

    To me, pic 1 looks female, and pic 2 looks male. Better closeups would be helpful to confirm however.


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