Are there Psychic Vampires?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Medicine Al, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. The link below will take you to a really long article, but if you've got some time, it is quite interesting, whether you think it sounds too sensationalistic or not. Give it a read, and see what you think. It gets a lot less basic as it goes on, try to stay awake through the first pages.

    I personally had heard the term psychic vampire since I was a little boy, but I'd never really thought that much on the subject. That is, until I met one. One who so strongly resembles this psychological stew of mental problems, so extreme that it could create one of these cerebral blackholes,with their inherent controlling natures and the resulting adverse effects, that sound exactly like the disasters which these creatures usually thrive on. It may in scientific terms be a combinative personality disorder, but it seems to have paranormal ramifications as well.

    And that got me to wonder, if these people are real, and I'd bet many of you know one of them already, What's to say that Bush and Cheney aren't the biggest psychic vampires of all time?(possible exception for Hitler)

    Check out the list of 8 behavioral criterion in this article( in the second half of the article) and think about the insanities created by these guys, and their reasons given, and it sounds like a perfect description of our current administration. It may not be scientific, but it sure does explain oh, so many things about why they act as they do.

    Do you know a psychic vampire?
  2. im not too familiar with the "psychic vampire", let alone vampires, but something comes to mind when i read your description of them: "mothman prophecies." there is actually a movie based on some of the events concerning this phenomena.

    interesting stuff to say the least. :smoking:
  3. they're prototypes :p
  4. A psychic vampire is a superstitious sounding name, but it has nothing to do with sucking blood, or living forever, it has to do with people who have a tendency to suck the life force, or sap or drain the will, of those they prey upon. It is a combination of syndromes, many of the features of psychic vampirism will manifest themselves clinically as diagnosable manias, phobias, and disorders. The key to unleashing a true psychic vampire seems to be in the combination of ingredients, mixed with the life experiences of the person involved. It is not satanic, more of a possible frizzle fry in the connection of interpersonal energies.

    If you can read the article all the way through, it gets a little mystic at the end, but the correlations to some of the people I've met, and the behaviors of many I've seen, made me laugh. Its just a fun "observation/connection", and it's true that I have one in my life...It's my mother-inlaw.
  5. Energy thieves.
    though our actions every single thought, every single moment, every single eventing, can have an effect, and this brings them in dwindling numbers, yes, there are those who steal energy whether conscious of doing it or not. provokers and dramatists, and all but the saints of us have acted on at least one of the energy reaping dramas. switching on and becoming aware is the best first step to learning to stop it in yourself if there at all. pretty much the same goes for interacting with others in ways the do not encourage continuation of those methods of leaching energy off others. when we're charged its easy not to, especially when we leave the charger connected ;) but when we dont know how to connect and feel depleated, thats when we revert to our dramas, playing on being the victem, the interogator, the pleep, the wide-o, the intimidator, the "if u want me u make the effort"ers, the aloofs, the arrogants, n so on. Just a role. look beyond the facade, you'll reccognise.


    Educate yourself so you may educate others.

    I'd read that whole long thing if i wasnt in a place that creates my inputs from overflow. ;) maybe laters on the otherswingsidewise.

    auras... right, no time for arguing anyone who wants to claim they dont exist because they havnt seen em, but from what u were sayin, and from what i've read... black auras, as certain lineages of christianity theosophy goes, is a satanist, or in less sensationalist phrasing, someone not giving out energy, sucking it in. yeah, rather plain really, considering we are all star stuff. much thanks its not one of those lepards spots things. much thanks we change, can learn, heck, those who know, i mean REALLLLLLY know, can make the change in others when its necessary, often with no more than a thought. i dont REALLLLLLLY know, but know well enough i dont, and what i probably do.
    heh, i'd say more, get more accurate, maybe even make sense.. but ... well... the stuff you learn from shamans & the shamanic path (post modern n such)... some things we just cant accept yet until properly prepared. maps Version grey17 or something.

  6. My friend found a fucking guy who thinks he's a vampire and the guy is like 50ish and tries to look like a vampire and says he is in a cult, so my fucking weird cracked out looking friend tells him he is in a belly dancing cult... and he has to belly dance for the rest of eturnity.

    Fuck Vampires
  7. my moms a psychic by profession. she has friends who are "vampires" and i know which of my friends she says are also "vampires". its a term used commonly in the psychic world, which i get exposed to on a daily basis.

    i see where they come from and i understand and can relate to it, but since i dont believe in that psychic stuff, i see it as just a character trait and others reaction to that trait.
  8. This is the first time I've heard such people referred to as "psychic vampires", but I can tell you without a shred of a doubt that I attract them like a super-magnet. But then, I'm generally a timid pushover, which explains why.

    In my experience, slutty girls that have at least a moderate amount of intelligence almost ALWAYS fit this description to a T. The hell of it is, they usually don't reveal their true selves until they've become entrenched in your life.

    edit: After giving the article a good lookover, it is rather sensationalist, at least in the sense of being a little too mystical to be truly logical. But that certainly doesn't change anything I said previously, because the psychic vampire is a very real thing, just daftly misrepresented on that web page. Both of my first two girlfriends are shining examples of this, having displayed obvious symptoms of narcissism and sociopathy.
  9. guys, this isnt supposed to be anything commonly acccepted, its just something that is held to be truth in the psychic world. thats the only reason its sensationalist and all mystical. its supposed to be mystical.
  10. I think me and the OP have a physcic connection,either that or one of us is a physcic vampire.I was thinking the same exaxt thing yesterday,was even about to make a thread today about the same thing.So that leaves me to believe I sent him the energy to make this post,or he stole it,or we could be sharing energy..

    I rememeber this white guy from my old neighborhood got me thinking this,it was back in my extacy days(my weapon of choice).This dude was crazy,but not in the insane sense,we clicked so well,I think we were on the same wave length.

    I did'nt read the article,but is it possible instead of sucking energy to send it instead.Cause everyday I wake up with my stomach hurting,like I've been sucked dry or I've been giving out energy.I'm thinking it was for a good cause,I'm pretty strong spiritual wise.
  11. True, my friend, the line between us is a very thin one. I think a lot of us weedheads get to each other in dreams, and the oneness of the subconcious.

    We all send out the energy of our minds, that's what distinguishes a psychic vampire from a normal person, they have a very low natural energy level, and try to supplement their own weakness by sapping the strength of other people's minds.
  12. everybody, everythought, everything... is but a quanta away, if that.

    c u all in a jiffy. ;D
  13. If anybodies interested in listening to a story about a succubus who fits this discription to a tee, read on.

    Back when I was 17 I was pretty serious about being celibate until I was married. It was actually pretty easy for me to do; it made me feel powerful and in the driver seat in relationships. I found that the girls that I dated respected me, for me and I never really had to worry about chicks, because they just couldn't get me out of their head. Especially cause I wasn't 100% straight laced, I experimented my share.... learning what makes chicks tick.

    This all began to change after I met this chick who I had a class with in university. I had given her my number after she tagged along with me and my friend to go bowling or something like that. One night she calls me up and tells me to come over, my buddy is their and without anything to do, I didn't have a car, and he did, so I invited him to come along. I figured it'd be a good way to make sure things aren't uncomfortable, so we went over their picked her up and went out for coffee.

    After thats done as we went to drop her off, she's like do you wanna sleep over tonight. I was like, uhm that's alright, but I'll walk you to your door, i told buddy to wait, then walked her to the door, but when we go their she, was like I need you to stay, I'm scared of sleeping by myself. I was empathtic but told her that it wouldn't work tonight she persisted and did all sorts of things to try and make me stay but eventually I just told her to have a good night and pried her off of me and left.

    My buddy thought that I was insane and I shoulda stayed but I was glad I didn't. A week or so later, after class she asks me to go out for a drink with her, so we go, and when we get their, she's like if your not going to fuck me, I'm going to pick the first guy I see and he is going to fuck me. I kinda laughed... I enjoyed her sexual nature. I tried to avoid responding to her, but when she made a move to walk away from me I stopped her. I'm not sure if I agreed to her at that point. but I don't remember it.

    After we finished having drinks she told me she had some liquor in her back back, and she wanted to come over. So we go to my place, she pulls the liquor out, and then we share a couple shots. Then I look at the clock see that I have to work (I worked graveyards at UPS) she told me she was going to stick around for a while and listen to music on my computer. So I took off and went to work.

    When I got home I went into my room, got undressed and as I went to get into bed I realized she was in it, and I jumped a bit, I didn't think she was awake, and I didn't want to cause to much problems, because I remembered what happened last time I tried to turn her down, so i figured what the hell, I've messed around with my gf's in the past. She wasn't my gf, but she was naked in my bed, so that counts for something. (I remembed making a deal with myself regarding my celebacy, that I told myself that if a hot chick was naked and wanted to fuck me, I'd do it. I just never expected that I'd be given the oportunity)

    So when she realized I was there, she turned over and was like "I want you inside me". At first I offered to eat her out instead, so I wouldn't have to fuck her (lol it was my way of staying celebate alright). But when I said this it actually killed her sex drive, because she told me that she was raped when she was a little girl, and that she would freak out if I went down on her.

    So, then by that time I had a pretty good hard on, and she was right their, so I was like ah what the fuck. So we start getting it on and then she tells me she wants on top. So whatever, she gets on top, and then she's like I don't want you looking at me when I'm naked. I was like... wtf, so she grabs a pillow and covers my head.

    At that exact momment I realized that just that night I had the most realistic sex dream, that I've ever had and it felt exactly the same. And then I recalled that in my dream I couldn't see anybody but I enjoyed the sensations for a while before I felt like I opened my eyes and I could see the person. At that momment I pulled the pillow away from my eyes and realized that everything was exactly the same as my dream.

    After it was all said and done we went to sleep. The next day when I got home I realized that the person who I was renting the room from had been awaken by my midnight adventures, and was none to impressed about it. In fact she let me know that I had until I could find a new place to get out of their.

    I was kinda bumed out about having to find a new place. But I did what I had to do. Basically severing ties with the christian people I knew their, and moving into the ghetto, with a couple of guys I didn't know, in a house that had grafiti on the ceiling, and my buddy had some clown on his wall, that was painted by some crazy guy that threatened my buddy with a knife.

    Anyways, after gettin it on with this chick once I figured I could never be celebate again, so why bother trying. The chick let me know that I can come over to her place after work when I want. I did once or twice, until I started to realize how really messed the fuck up she was. She was on a slew of meds, she had one of those pill containers that seperated out her meds for after each meal, and by the days of the week.

    She let me know that she was alergic to chocolate, and that if she eats it all sorts of bad things happen to her, but every time I'd see her she'd have one form of chocolate or another and she'd be eating to it. So then I talked her name around the school and found out how many other guys she'd been fucking.

    It was right around that time that I realized that it hurt when I pee. I went to the doctor, and was lucky it was just a bacterial infection that could be fixed with a bit of penicilin. When the doctor asked me the ph# of my partner, I didn't give it to him expecting that I could let her know. But she had coincidentally stopped coming to school, and when I stopped by her place, she told me that she was moving, and so I let her know that she should stop by a clinic some time for a vd test. She told me that she didn't care.

    From their my days of celebacy were over lol. I think I was with 15 chicks the next summer, after I moved out of the place I was at, and into a new one. The last chick that I was with that year fucked me up emotionally. Since then I find that I get turned into the bitch in the relationship with every girl I date.

    Currently I'm off the pussy for a while, until I can learn to own it again.

    But yeah all that because of a little succubus.... They really can mess you up. I think she called her disorder 'bi-polar'. But she bruised extremely easy.. She had bruises all over her body. Her skin was very soft, but quite pale. And she was always extremely tired, and not into doing very much physical activity.

    Actually, I just remembered another weird detail. For some reason right when I was about to start nailing her the first time, I had a nose bleed. (I have heard that this can happen from the psychic pressure, when a vampire is calling someone, (that's from the Night Watch movie) but I never really thought about it in that way) When I had a nose bleed before I noticed it a bit of my blood fell on her and she took it up with her finger and licked it. Then told me that she loves the taste of blood, and that my blood tasted really good.

    The last time I visited her, other than when I briefly chatted with her about the vd, we were hangin out, and for no reason she walked into the kitchen a pulled out a large butcher knife and said she was going to cut my dick off.
  14. On another note about vampires, the American Elite (Bush and Co.) are definitely a form of a vampire. The highest form. They are all tormented as children, by programmers, that break them down and mold them into who they are today. The programmers are always relatives, and generally use sexuality (and all sorts of other sick stuff) in their breaking down of the moral psyche. Often times the individual who will start it will be your father, or your parents will bring you to your 'uncle', and after your psyche has been fractured you will eventually also perpetuate it on your children.
  15. Now a good Succubus story is hard to come by...what a word! starts with succ, ends with us, and u b in the middle.:D

    What's the difference between a succubus, and a bi-polar nymphomaniac?

    A succubus can get on Jerry Springer, but a bi-polar nymphomaniac has to go on the Dr. Phil show.
  16. I dunno sounds more like a Maury theme

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