Are there 'good' and 'bad' shrooms strains, in terms of the trip?

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  1. Ive heard alot of good things bout shrooms. There's some coming around here for 25 8th/50 quarter. But the couple of people i've talked to said the trip wasn't like visual at all, just alot of powerful random stuff. Feelings of all kinds, hardd to describe.

    So i'm curious if, like weed, some shroom strains that come around are a awesome trippy high while others are a paranoid weird high? Or does everything depend on dose, setting, and mindset?
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    Mushrooms are different for everyone, its all the same component though, psilocybin/psilocin.

    Theres no particular experience, some people get visuals, some don't.

    Some enjoy them, some don't.

    You could experience anything on mushrooms, wherever the road takes you..

    EDIT: Unless they aren't psilocybes, in which case I suggest you don't buy them.

    go to and educate yourself.
  3. There are potent psilocybin mushrooms and not-so-potent psilocybin mushrooms but they all work the same way.

    Mushrooms in general aren't very visual compared to some of the other psychedelics.
  4. I do frequent erowid, read pretty much everything like i do whenever i hear or consider a drug. thanks for the info. i knew some shrooms have different amounts of the sstuff, but i was just curious if a particular combo would be a particular kind of trip. and it sounds like no.

    But has anyone ever had really good shroom trips on a particular batch and bad on another?

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