Are there any programmer's here?

Discussion in 'General' started by Phatty420, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hello, I'm just wondering if there are any other pothead programmer's out there. I am an amateur programmer, and in most of the programming community looks down on "smoker's". However, I am a proud smoker so I need to find other pothead programmer's!! :wave:
  2. baassfishingboy is!
  3. yea, the language I know best is java, im starting my second year of engineering school in a few weeks getting my degree in computer science, im taking a class in C first semester and scheme (however you spell it) second semester, last two semesters I took beginners programming and intermediate both were java
  4. That's awesome. I don't know any Java (except Hello World!). I know a little bit of C but my best language is BASIC (FreeBASIC), and Python is running in second. I also know a little web programming, but not too much! I would like to learn Java though (that's the first language I started with but didn't get very far).
  5. Personally the language i work most with is Object Oriented Pascal (Delphi) but yeah, the field definately doesn't look down on stoners, my friend works as a programmer and everyone there smokes.
  6. That's great to hear!! That's what I'm looking for! I haven't had too much experience with OOP or Pascal (except Hello World on that also, I can write that program in about 10 different languages!!). From what I understand though (from java) is that everything is a class, and has to be called on from a I even close?
  7. well kinda. you have you program divided up into classes and you use private classes and stuff to hide data from parts of the program that don't need access to it. you can make an instance of any class, this is the object in object oriented programming. in java functions are called methods, dont ask me why I dunno. but you make instances of your classes inside of a method. java is awsome. its really simple for a low level languange. networking programming with it is very easy. parallel processing is pretty easy too, however because it runs on java virtual machine which is basically like an emulator the programs will not be as fast as oh say C for example. theres a free program called eclipse I use to write java its free and its fucking awsome. I hate writing C cuz theres no tool for writing it near as good as eclipse is for java
  8. Ahh, yes Eclipse!! Actually, I'm pretty sure there are C plug-ins for Eclipse, but I may be wrong. I have eclipse installed, but haven't used it much. Which OS do you use?
  9. c++ - ubuntu
    and some java thrown in there.
  10. i use os x ive tried to use the plug-in before but it confuses me
  11. I used to program. Hence the title. :)
  12. I'm wondering if you guys make any money because Im thinking about going into computer science. Good idea? I mean, I dont care about making millions, I just want enough to live, yknow?
  13. well I just finished my first year of school so I dont program for a living yet but what I like about it is that I can get a job working with a company or I could do my own projects and publish them on the internet myself for barely any money at all. my programming teacher said last year the school was thinking about offering a minor in video game development for computer science majors so im pretty exited about making my own games
  14. I'm probably one of the bigger coders on this site. I started coding in Visual Basic when I was 12, moved up to Visual C++, then to Borland C++, now I can do PHP, VB, C++, Java/(Script), and I have a very vague idea of how Assembler (ASM) works.

    I've ran many open-source projects with people waiting behind it for releases. Among the most popular being PantherXP, which is dead now, but in it's day it was quite popular, I just started smoking too much reefer to continue coding all day everyday.

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