Are the prescription bottles airtight?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Maidennj, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I have heard they are I just want to confirm because I wanted to start using an old prescription bottle to carrie some around with me.
  2. I see why not
  3. I'm pretty sure they are airtight. I know i've held the dank in the all the time with literally no smell. GO FOR IT MAN!
  4. usually if you turn the cap upside down and take off the child protection thing they will be more airtight.
  5. I keep all of my stashes in old pill bottles...they work really good. Infact last night i went to pick up a sack of some dank shit that made my car reak like pot really bad even though it was double bagged. When i got home i threw it in a pill bottle and i could't smell it anymore. I definitly recomend using a pill bottle to keep your stash in. Plus they are air tight so they keep your bud fresh longer...:)
  6. go walmart or hobby lobby or sumthing like that they usually sell herb or spice glass jars for like afew bucks mayb even under a dollar
  7. I like filling up those film canisters, that film is held in.

    im mad high.
  8. i always use a few scrip bottles for holding bud, i use a smaller one and put it n a bigger one if it's really dank
  9. \exactly flip it upside adown and then lock it. :)
  10. i use to keep my bud in prescription bottles but after i got a job at a head shop i bought little airtight jars thick and smell proof
  11. Works like a charm and you have a little spot to break up your bud on.
  12. Walmart or hobby lobby has nice air tight glass jars for cheap.

    I fucks with those but to each their own. Med jars straight, use to rock em.
  13. Ive had the smell leak out in the car w one of those. Sometimes there good IMO make sure you try and use new ones if you do. I prefer glass......w plastic it will eventually seep through.

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