Are souls only limited to humans?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by verbae, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I'm super bummed out...just found out my dog passed away today. I feel like such a cry baby right now..because I can't even be there to hold her.

  2. I would say no.. I think many if not all living beings have souls. I'm sorry to hear about your dog .. even more sorry you weren't there before it passed away. All things go at some point though.. i'm sure Skylr is in a better place now
  3. sorry :( I love dogs
  4. If I wasn't on a t-break I'd smoke one for Skylr.
  5. All living things represent consciousness.

    Soul is for the weak minded people, it doesn't exist.

    It's consciousness, I'd say your dog is in a better place, dogs have great karma.
  6. Soul = consciousness + personality.

    Your dog had both, therefore it had a "soul".

    As a small sidenote, its interesting how interspecies relationships develop, especially between human and non human animals. I wonder if we will ever be able to communicate with other animals at a advanced level.
  7. I think a soul would equate to awareness, which all life demonstrates.
  8. sorry to hear that .02 on souls: animals have souls, but not the same as ours...a sort of...essence...if you will
  9. Sorry to hear that man, rip little guy.
  10. NO. if anything humans are the ones without souls.

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