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Are roaches more concentrated?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CosmicColossus, May 7, 2011.

  1. One of my friend's old me that the weed left in joint roaches is more concentrated.
    Is that true? i said no to him but i'm not too sure. :smoke:
  2. It is true, actually. As you smoke a joint or blunt, the resin from the marijuana gets pulled to the back of the joint. The roach, then, contains the normal amount of weed, but an extraordinary amount of THC resin.

  3. Haven't read any actual studies on it, but I definitely believe it to be true. You roll a few generations of roaches and you'll be baked more than straight weed.

    I've always pondered whether or not the hot air being pulled through the roach acts like a vaporizer though, the weed is like a yellowish faded green in roaches too.

    Either way, I Re-roll my roaches for the purpose of getting really baked.
  4. yea when you get down to the roach it always hits better
  5. I save my roaches, load up the gravity bong with the guts :)
  6. Best part man but they're so hot.
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    Yes man the smaller the blunt or joint gets the more potent it is so don't fret when you get the roach passed your way jump on that b
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  8. For 420 we stuffed a regular dutch of roaches.

    took around 300 roaches.

    Roaches usually are sticky and seem to have more thc.
  9. Yea resin builds up, so more thc.
  10. I just like to chop the whole d*mn thing up, and load a bowl (sighhh) good summers.:eek:

  11. 300 roaches. lmao good try buddy. probably more like 30. 300 roaches is like 15-30 grams no way thats fitting in a dutch
  12. yep seems to be what I hear- some people hate the taste and won't smoke them - some are like me and love the high but I usually forget I have them. Just found a pill bottle with a bunch that are probably a year old - lol- so even thouigh I have fresh weed I'll probably smoke them next week though not sure what sitting that long will have done to them.
  13. dude at the end of a joint sesh with me n my boys we play rock paper scissors for who gets to eat that. that like doubles the high lol
  14. +1 i love roaches,
  15. Kush Roaches the best really roll and then smoke again. :SMOKE:

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