Are red pepers ard tomatoes the same thing?

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  1. so i was really baked out of my mind on some wicked good jack herer strain i got. and anyways i was eating some pizza and i got to thinking... maybe red peppers are just tomatoes that havent filled in yet. you know what i mean??

    photo evidence:


  2. Hah yeah I love Jack Herer's ability to imbue creative thought processes and really get the mind ticking over. But nah I don't think their similar in that respect as you get varying kinds of peppers whereas tomatoes are just tomatoes (variations of sweet and bitter) tomatoes are also a fruit unlike peppers.
  3. ya but im saying that all tomatoes are red peppers first, otherp eppers cants become tomatoes.

    also, peppers are fruits.

    you don't have to shit on my ideas and bring the negative vibes
  4. [quote name='"Sam_Spade"']

    ya but im saying that all tomatoes are red peppers first, otherp eppers cants become tomatoes.

    also, peppers are fruits.

    you don't have to shit on my ideas and bring the negative vibes[/quote]

    But red peppers are just riper than green and less ripe than yellow, its not like a different type of pepper.
  5. peppers are a similar species of the same family, hence the similarities.

    and yes different colored peppers are different kinds of peppers, dont be jackasses. its called a cultivar (same thing as a strain, which should be cultivar, or variety with weed), or its just a different species altogether.

    you can get peppers that are only green, go green then yellow, then red, then orange. or you can get peppers that go green to red, or green to yellow. depends entirely on what species/cultivar of pepper.
  6. they are closely related.... tomatoes and peppers share kingdom, order, and family but differ when it comes to genus

    aka, they are not infact the same things lol

    pepper genus = capsicum

    tomato = solanum
  7. [​IMG]

    You're wrong, bro. Tomatoes have to become green peppers before they become tomatoes. You can't explain that.

  8. pepper goes in, tomato comes out


  9. Woah woah, don't get your knickers in a twist. I wasn't bringing negative vibes or shitting on your ideas at all lol. Was just giving my (apparently not very welcome) opinion on your theory.

    Like SIRSOG said, they seem to be loosely related but not quite. Also, thanks for enlightening me, I did not know peppers were fruits.

    Seems like you need to smoke some more of that Jack and chill oot. :wave:

  10. banana's are berries

    the world of edible plants is twisting and always trying to throw us off its scent hahahahah
  11. maybe cherries are just midget tomatoes
  12. So, cherries are midget tomatoes... And cherry tomatoes are green peppers before they become cherry tomatoes... And tomatoes are just big cherry tomatoes but unripe tomatoes are just large small-green-pepper-cherry-tomatoes... But who was phone?
  13. i work at a grocery store and you dont know how many weird fruit thoughts i have had while being high there
  14. Am i the only one who realized it was a joke?
  15. you never know with sam_spade
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    I would think tomatoes would come first, since I usually relate softness with fertility.

    The sheer ridiculousness of this post is on par with my theory that crows won't
    acknowledge a human as their master until it has absolved to nature.
  17. What about grape tomatoes? From what I've been told, there are cherry, grape, regular, roma, and a few others that escape me right now...
  18. Thats like comparing lemons and limes...
  19. Hahaha! I know right?

    People just don't get it.

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